Important Investment: Support Judd Legum in Annapolis



This is a political pitch video with Center for American Progress President and former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta introducing Judd Legum at a fundraiser at a cool restaurant-bar, Local 16, just around the corner from my house. Unfortunately, I was in Berlin and couldn’t be there.

Note to White House: Netanyahu is Obama’s Khrushchev



I am off to Athens, Greece this evening to meet with some folks and to ponder what Socrates, Plato and Thucydides would say about Barack Obama’s coming showdown with Bibi Netanyahu over East Jerusalem. Netanyahu is very clearly Obama’s Khrushchev.

Guest Post by Jon Weinberg: Short Shelf-Life — Why Innovation Will Undermine the New Iranian Internet Laws



Jon Weinberg is an intern at the New America Foundation/Middle East Task Force. At first glance, Iran’s new internet law – which stipulates that Iranian internet service providers (ISPs) are required to retain the entirety of their clients’ data for at least three months – appears exceedingly intimidating.

David Frum vs. Daniel Levy on Whether Barack Obama’s America Is An Honest Broker Between Israel and the Arabs



Check out this debate over at The Economist between Daniel Levy and David Frum on whether “Barack Obama’s America is now an honest broker between Israel and the Arabs.” Given the United States’ long-time alliance with Israel it is a bit ironic that this debate pits Levy on one side suggesting that the U.S.

Martin Walker’s Vacation Celebrates the Absence of Joe Biden Like Mine Banned Obama and Clinton



(Dordogne where Martin Walker is avoiding Joe Biden and where Bruno, Chief of Police is set; photo credit: Don Frood) My recent vacation mates in Italy — including Helene Cooper who covers the White House for the New York Times and Elise Labott who covers Hillary Clinton and the State Department for CNN — would…

Jimmy Carter, James Baker, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Brent Scowcroft on Israel-Palestine Conflict



Landrum Bolling, former President of the Lilly Endowment and Earlham College, has put together a collage of commentary from four outstanding American foreign policy giants. They are former President Jimmy Carter; former Secretary of State and Treasury James A. Baker; former National Security Adviser to Presidents Ford and George H.W.