Purging the Neocons from the American Soul



Here is some thinking I have written up about America’s ongoing neocon problem and the threat that that movement represents over at Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish. And for those in Chicago or at APSA, I’m blogging away in the fantastic lounge of the Sheraton Hotel on the Chicago River.

American Jewish Community Grappling with Armenian Genocide



Marc Perelman, writing for The Forward, has just released an important summary of the diplomatic back-and-forth currently in progress between major American Jewish organizations and the governments of Turkey, Israel, and the United States. What I’ve been hearing privately jives pretty well with what Perelman has published.

Coffee in Chicago



I’ll be lurking at the American Political Science Association annual gathering in Chicago from Thursday (tomorrow) through Sunday. Nothing like YearlyKos, but still — you learn stuff from academics. . .and tons of them are reading this and other blogs. I’ll be downtown and don’t know my schedule fully.