O’Hanlon Under Contract with Alhurra



I just wrote this piece for Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish. The zinger — about which I’m withholding judgment but which I think should be in the public domain — is that I have just learned that “A War We Might Just Win” co-author Mike O’Hanlon is under contract with America’s Middle East propaganda network, Alhurra….

Brzezinski Endorses Obama; Calls Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy “Very Conventional”



There are aspects of both Barack Obama‘s and Hillary Clinton‘s national security and foreign policy strategies that seriously concern me. I feel much more pull towards the kind of national security contours of a Chuck Hagel — but he has not announced and does not yet appear to be running.

Pace May Nudge Bush on Troop Cut



Not to be beaten by Senator John Warner who called last night for the beginning of modest troop withdrawals from Iraq, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Peter Pace is reportedly going to urge President Bush to cut troop levels next year in Iraq by half. That would move the level deployed to roughly 80,000.

Sharif’s Return Shouldn’t Change Our Strategy in Pakistan



Significant events are unfolding inside Pakistan, most recently with reports within the past few hours that former Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif, who was exiled for corruption, has been cleared by Judge Iftikhar Chaudhry to return to Pakistan.

US-Cuba Relations Emerges as Presidential Issue



At the first Democratic presidential primary debates, Bill Richardson was asked about what he’d do with regards to Cuba, and he proceeded to spend much of his time answering not that question but rather an earlier question about how each of the potential presidents would react in case of another terrorist act.