Update from Steve — Strategic Planning is Going Well



Steve just called in from Spectacle Lake via satellite phone to make sure readers have not abandoned TWN in his absence. He’s happy to report no run-ins with any bears thus far but is prepared to fend them off with his self-taught Davy Crockett maneuvers. Apparently the wilderness air does wonders for strategic planning.

Beyond Arms Sales: Whither the US-Saudi Relationship?



The firestorm of controversy that ignited this week over the arms sales to Saudi Arabia and other gulf states opens up an important debate that needs to be thoroughly explored, yet the thrust of the discussion–typified by Bret Stephens fulminating this morning against supposed Saudi malevolent intentions in his column “A Kernel of Evil“–has largely…

<em>Guest Post from Mark Goldberg:</em> The Daalder-Kagan Op-Ed



Sam Rosenfeld and Matt Yglesias (the duo that brought you The Incompetence Dodge) each make excellent points about today’s Ivo Daalder/Robert Kagan op-ed, which argues that the Security Council should no longer have the final say on authorizing armed intervention.

Leaving You Until Friday with Oakley & Annie



I’m about to head off with journalist Jim Lobe and another friend to commune with big mountains and tough hiking trails and plan strategy in the Cascades. I’m not used to this stuff and think I’ll look a bit like Oakley and Annie above — though they aren’t on this trip.