The Republican Hypocrisy Problem


Toles (c) 2007 The Washington Post. Used by permission of Universal Press Syndicate. All rights reserved.


4 comments on “The Republican Hypocrisy Problem

  1. B.W. says:

    Hey Steve,
    Tom Toles is the most brilliant and insightful political cartoonist in the business.
    Congrats Steve for getting the folks involved in publishing his work to let you use this.
    Toles needs no commentary — the visual just says it all. I’m sending this out to 1000 friends.


  2. Elaine Bennis says:

    Maybe he just didn’t have a square to spare.


  3. bakho says:

    They should rename MSP, “Brokeback Airport”.


  4. selise says:

    that’s hilarious. somehow, in all the ugliness, i find the thought of sullivan and tone’s recent marriage (legal and everything) a happy and hopeful vision of a better future.
    p.s. but i’m still pissed off at sullivan for his earlier 5th column nonsense wrt to those of us who opposed the iraq war.


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