Coffee in Chicago


I’ll be lurking at the American Political Science Association annual gathering in Chicago from Thursday (tomorrow) through Sunday. Nothing like YearlyKos, but still — you learn stuff from academics. . .and tons of them are reading this and other blogs.
I’ll be downtown and don’t know my schedule fully. As usual though, I’d be happy to set up a coffee meeting with those who want it. The first to suggest a decent time and place gets to set the stage. I’ll be at the Hyatt Regency.
— Steve Clemons


5 comments on “Coffee in Chicago

  1. Jon Stopa says:

    How about Friday, Steve. You know the schedual–why don’t you set the time; afternoon or evening.


  2. Some guy says:

    I’m a bit shy to suggest a time/place, but I’d definitely show my face. Keep us posted!


  3. BLacher says:

    Steve: Barnett Rubin and Juan Cole’s blogs have a scary scenario unfolding post-Labor day: admnistration’s plant to roll out a campaign for war vs. Iran. We need to get this into the mainstream media.


  4. daCascadian says:

    Just a note to folks to encourage attendance.
    I was lucky enough to visit w/Steve and a small group of locals earlier this year. I gained some interesting insight by doing so.
    Make the effort when you get a chance.
    “…Ambition must be made to counteract ambition…” – Federalist No. 51


  5. Stephanie Cha Cha says:

    I see that you often post to have coffee with people in other cities. Do you have coffee with the regular folks in DC? I feel like the DC locals get left out on having a conversation/argument/debate with you.


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