Pray for Oakley


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One of my couple of north stars in my life is, in part, a pup named “Oakley the Amazing Weimaraner.”
Two days from tonight on June 18th, Oakley will be eight years old.
Tonight, he is recovering from surgery — and hopefully can pull through. Life today hit him hard– which is a lot like what the fictional dog in “Marley and Me” had.
He’s fighting for his life. I’m sure he will be OK. He will. My friends and I need to believe and say that.
But I’m also very frightened for him. He is “our” dog, “our” child, and some very close family and friends and have been on the frailest of edges all day, not for ourselve, but for Oakley.
I’m sure many of you have amazing and wonderful pets who help fulfill who and what you are. Oakley has been that for me, and us.
Say a prayer for him if you feel so inclined. This amazing, wonderful pup needs all of the positive energy he can get tonight.
So many of the readers of TWN have written to me about Oakley — and his wonderful siblings, Annie and Buddy, that I hope you will embrace them in your thoughts.
Hopefully he will be OK. Please.
— Steve Clemons
Update: Oakley’s “stomach turned” which is a terrible thing for dogs. Through herculean work by the vet, a complicated surgery, and Oak’s on passionate desire to keep chasing rabbits, squirrels and deer, he is still with us. He’s perking up, but still not out of the woods. But that is better than I thought things would be as of yesterday afternoon. Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful notes.


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