New Pew 22-Nation Global Attitudes Survey Out


flags globe.gifI just received the press announcement from Bruce Stokes and Andrew Kohut at the Pew Research Center on the just released Pew Global Attitudes Survey.
Fascinating stuff — and disturbing.
49% of Nigerians have a “favorable” view of al Qaeda, and a majority of Pakistanis “favor” an Iran nuclear weapons program.
The report also shows that President Obama is more favorable abroad than in the United States.
From the release:

The new survey by the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project, conducted among more than 24,000 people in 22 nations April 7 to May 8, provides an in-depth look at attitudes toward major powers and world leaders; the global economic situation from free trade to financial regulation; Islamic extremism; and international problems such as climate change. Key findings include:


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  1. Chuck Stevens says:

    June 22, 2010 (LPAC)– Serious consideration for the design and tailoring of a peaceful nuclear explosive to seal the BP well must now be a highest level priority. On the basis of information available in the public domain, such preparation is mandatory. Testimony from the leading U.S. expert on peaceful nuclear explosions as to the efficacy of using a nuclear device to seal the BP well has now been made public. Evaluations of the probable compromised condition of the well bore and seafloor come from reliable professional sources, which can be checked. BP’s presentation of the situation must neither be believed nor tolerated.
    The political problem is that we have a President who is not in the real world. The very existence of the United States is endangered by the President’s determination not to offend the British Empire, Wall Street, or both. But we can’t let that stop us from saving the United States from a horrible fate. We can’t wait two elections to save the United States from an incompetent President.
    The prospect of massive flow of oil into the Atlantic within as early as 18 days, according to a projection by the National Center for Atmospheric Research, will make this a global disaster. There might be debatable features of such estimates, but lying by BP and its apologists is so severe we cannot base policy on such vast and portentous cover-ups. At the point this massive oil leak enters the Atlantic, it is a point of no return for North and possibly South America, and will rapidly move on to become a European and a global crisis.
    This has become a major national security question, the only one more dangerous being the President himself.
    For more details see
    Chuck Stevens


  2. David says:

    Fascinating numbers.


  3. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Obama’s Muslim outreach faltering
    By Scott Wilson
    It’s been a year since President Obama addressed the Islamic world in Cairo, his most visible gesture to a people, culture and religion he believes the Bush administration antagonized unnecessarily.
    But, according to a new poll, the Muslim world has not exactly grasped his extended hand. In fact, Muslims have lost confidence in Obama over the past year, the poll found.
    And in Egypt, the Arab bellwether nation where Obama chose to deliver his speech, the U.S. standing today is worse than during the final year of the Bush administration.
    Among Muslim publics “the modest levels of confidence and approval observed in 2009 have slipped markedly,” write the authors of the 22-nation Pew Global Attitudes Survey released Thursday morning.
    The poll, conducted in April and early May, found that public opinion of the United States rose in three of the seven predominantly Muslim nations surveyed.
    But in two of those —Turkey and Pakistan — the rise remained within the margin of error and edged up from the lowest levels found in any of the 22 countries surveyed.
    The poll reports that 17 percent of Turks have a favorable view of the United States, up from 14 percent last year. In Pakistan, the rating rose from 16 to 17 percent. (Nigeria grew slightly more adoring of the United States with 81 percent expressing a positive view.)
    U.S. favorability ratings fell in Lebanon, Jordan, and even Indonesia — a place where Obama lived as a child, but has now twice postponed a scheduled visit. In Egypt, only 17 percent of the public approve of the United States, a 10-percentage point drop from last year and five points below the 2008 mark.
    Muslim feelings toward Obama personally also have dropped sharply. Those expressing confidence in Obama dropped 10-percentage points in Turkey, Egypt, and Lebanon. Single-digit drops were reported in Jordan, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Nigeria.
    “With regard to Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, the polling found as many countries approving as disapproving of his handling of these issues,” the authors write. “However, the American president gets his worst ratings for dealing with another world problem for which the U.S. is often criticized: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”
    In only three of the 22 nations surveyed (including the United States) did a majority approve of how Obama has handled the issue — the nations of France, Nigeria and Kenya.
    And that was before the Gaza flotilla crisis.
    So, damned near the entire planet opposes how these groveling pieces of shit in DC are handling the Isr/Pal “conflict”. So this enhances our security how??? Alienating the global community serves our best interests how???
    Tell me, someone. What dividends are paid to the American people by supporting and condoning Israeli actions and policies that the rest of the world rightfully recognizes as being criminal and inhumane?
    And how is the effort to stamp out anti-semitism served by supporting and condoning Israel’s actions and policies, that the rest of the world rightfully recognizes as being criminal and inhumane?
    And in considering these two questions, how can we ignore the fact that Israel proclaims itself to be a “Jewish State”?
    A State for All Its Citizens
    The United States should not be fooled by Israel’s claim that it can be both Jewish and democratic.
    BY NADIM N. ROUHANA | APRIL 22, 2010
    In the conflict studies courses I teach, I expose my students to theories that claim state-sanctioned inequality is a source of perpetual conflict. I know this to be true not only from my academic research, but from personal experience: I also run a small research institution in the northern Israeli city of Haifa that focuses on the status of the Palestinian citizens in Israel and their relationship with the state. This population, with the silent complicity of the United States, has long been the target of official state policies of discrimination.
    In spite of America’s professed commitment to equality, the U.S. government makes an exception when it comes to Israel’s insistence on being recognized as a Jewish state, which in theory and practice means privileging Jewish citizens over all other citizens. U.S. President Barack Obama declared his support at the United Nations last September for “two states living side by side in peace and security — a Jewish state of Israel, with true security for all Israelis, and a viable, independent Palestinian state.” Similarly, Vice President Joe Biden told an audience at Tel Aviv University in March that negotiations should lead to “a Jewish state with secure and recognized borders.” It appears that affirmation of Israel’s identity as a “Jewish state” is becoming a routine part of U.S. discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.
    But it would be politically and morally wrong for the United States to support recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. Israel’s Palestinian minority makes up between 16 to 20 percent of the population, depending on whether the Palestinians in East Jerusalem are counted — a larger percentage than the African-American population in the United States. The total percentage of non-Jews in Israel — Muslims, Christians, and others — reaches approximately 25 percent. To recognize Israel as a Jewish state excludes this sizable minority from full and equal participation in Israel’s political and civic life. This is a recipe for enduring social strife and conflict.
    There are few honest observers in Israel who dispute that a Jewish state, by definition, privileges one group of citizens over another. This inequality is expressed in various ways, including in Israel’s Basic Laws and its laws of land control, immigration, and resource distribution. The modern Israeli state belongs only to its Jewish citizens — and even to non-citizen Jews in the diaspora — but not to its Palestinian citizens. As a result, a sizable minority of Israel’s citizens have no state to call their own. Israel’s Basic Laws stipulate that “a candidates list shall not participate in elections to the Knesset … if the goals or actions of the list … expressly or by implication” negates Israel as a Jewish state. Thus a party that explicitly requires Israel to become a state for all its citizens and not a Jewish state runs the risk of disqualification.
    Is this really what Obama wants? Has he contemplated the built-in inequality that accompanies a “Jewish state”?
    The U.S. government’s ironclad commitment to Israel’s security is the result of international politics, on which there can be differing views. However, supporting Israel’s continued privileging of one group of citizens over another on the basis of national identity or religious affiliation is neither morally defensible nor harmonious with America’s founding principles. The concept of a “Jewish state” is not equivalent to the still-objectionable term “Christian state” used by some groups in the United States. Rather, it is akin, in the eyes of Israel’s non-Jewish citizens, to the concept of a “white state” — a notion that is completely unthinkable in the West.
    The United States has previously overlooked Israel’s settlement policy for reasons related to its national interests and domestic political considerations. Now Israel is confronting the grave consequences of these policies: Difficult political choices over West Bank settlements have precipitated increasingly sharp divisions within Israeli society. Similarly, the diplomatic support the United States lends to Israel’s ambition to be recognized as a “Jewish state” does not serve either country’s long-term interests. Israel’s welfare is best ensured by a system that guarantees real equality for all its citizens and national groups, rather than state-sanctioned ethnic discrimination.


  4. Blue Mooner says:

    on Environment —
    Apparently these 24,00 people surveyed April 7th – May 8th weren’t aware of a global disaster unfolding in the Gulf. Too early to ask their opinion if president Obama should declare the Gulf a natural disaster and have a low-grade nuclear explosion deep in the water (one that wouldn’t even measure radiation)as a solution to a grave environmental situation that could spread across the ocean to northern Europe. The president looks quite incompetent in formulating a Gulf solution.
    The deep-water nukes have been used elsewhere in the world with apparently very good success. Maybe Pew should re-do their environment survey before the “Dead Sea” will be taking on a new meaning and location.
    “Proposed Solution(s) to Gulf BP Oil Spill”
    May 31, 2010 by Dr Stephen A Rinehart
    Email stevecin AT
    Background: The following comments are based in part on my 45+ years experience in structural dynamics/mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech and extensive design/project management experience including offshore oil platforms, oil pipelines, conventional/nuclear DOD weapons effects and combat weapons designs, and environmental fate and transport of chemical/oil plumes.
    The following is the proposed technical and governmental approached(s) to immediately addressing the Gulf Oil Spill since BP cannot stop the well with a


  5. Mr.Murder says:

    Meanwhile, a free download of the Cowboy Junkies newest music includes some wonderful talk of their visit to China.
    “In late 2008, my family and I were given an opportunity to spend three months in China. We were boarded at an elementary/middle school in the small town of Jingjiang, situated on the Yangtze River about two hours from Shanghai. My wife taught English at the school, my three young kids attended a few classes and I spent my days exploring. We also did as much travelling as my wife


  6. Mr.Murder says:

    The oil cleanup would fall under dnoniscretionary(emergency) spending and thus should not count to the nominal budget. That removes the GOPers who are suppsedly worried about a balanced budget as an excuse to try and further stall any recovery.
    Had Obama not raised minimum wage the results would be even worse at this time. He needs to implement a minimum wage raise for affected Gulf states as a way to spur increased development in scale economic measures.
    The guard depolyment for Gulf States can be attached to the unemployment extension the GOP is fighting tooth and nail. Suddenly hotels are full of emergency deployments and the economy carries at an expected pace for the region. To curb the affect on our economy in terms of commodities we can introduce some normalization measures with Cuba alongside other trade measures to try and sustain a portion of the Gulf states character and unique cuisines.


  7. Mr.Murder says:

    The solution for BP is to become the new Standard Oil, grow into seven babies(each of those sprouting tentacles in the case of major markets such as North America) and become Exxon Lite. This allows them to carve a niche in which to dump liabilities in the form BP’s Gulf account.
    Wait, BP had a tax loophole for offshore platforms outside the USA waters? Who could imagine we’d have a Law of the Sea article requiring a designation for countries to sue the nearest available sovereign.
    The map is changing, Obama has a popular opinion outside his own country. He could almost be called another Jimmy Carter, except for the fact Carter had a great record on the environment.
    Obama’s version of Rove is so slimy, that becoming drenched in oil, from advising him to carry the Bushco. water on energy policy, would be considered an upgrade. Oil and water don’t mix after all.


  8. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “China on the Rise: A growing portion of global publics sees China, rather than the U.S, as the world’s leading economic power”
    And if you disagree they’ll poison your baby’s food with Melamine. Keep it up, and they’ll get REALLY nasty and rot your plumbing with toxic and corrosive sheet rock. And if they still haven’t fucked ya up sufficiently, they’ll make damned sure your cabinets are exuding carcinogens. Amazing what you can do with a workforce of kids makin’ ten bucks a week.
    But to give credit where credit’s due, at least the Chinese have the good sense to stop their tracked machines when a protestor stands in front of it. Too bad the only democracy in the Middle East doesn’t quite get the wisdom in that.


  9. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “Islamic Extremism: There is no predominantly Muslim nation polled in which a majority of Muslims endorse suicide bombing, al Qaeda or Osama bin Laden”
    Interesting. Yet the bulk of Israelis seemingly endorse torture, illegal detainment, incarceration of children, collective punishment, murder, international assasinations, land theft, targeting American citizens, and bubbling the skin off of women and children with white phosphorous weaponry rained on non-combatants.
    “The Arizona Effect: U.S. favorability in Mexico has tumbled in the wake of Arizona’s new immigration law – from 62% in polling conducted before the law’s enactment to 44% afterward”
    Excellent. Perhaps now they’ll stop coming here in droves through the back door, and attempt to enter the country legally instead. But I doubt it.


  10. JohnH says:

    Link to disintegration of green movement:


  11. JohnH says:

    Interesting analysis of Iranian attitudes:
    “The disintegration of the Green movement and decline in political fortunes of its leaders has been widely attributed to a government crackdown. While government suppression has occurred, it is not the main factor.
    To begin with, the green movement ran a dishonest presidential campaign. Its candidate, Mousavi, ran for president but refused to submit to the will of the majority when it became clear that he had lost the election. This has led many observers to believe that his presidential campaign was more akin to a coup attempt – or, more accurately, coup-lite, versus traditional military coups – than a bona fide election campaign.
    This explains why Mousavi declared victory even before the polls were closed. It also explains why he claimed that the election was stolen the moment he learned that he had lost at the ballot box.”


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