MEDIA ALERT: Keith Olbermann on Clinton & North Korea Tonight


Tonight at about 8:15 pm EST and then again at 10:15 pm EST on Keith Olbermann’s Countdown, I will be discussing Bill Clinton’s successful trip to North Korea that not only secured pardons and expected release of imprisoned journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling — but may have brought other constructive currents to the US-North Korea relationship which has been in fast, downward spiral.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. Thom says:

    You are mistaken. The evictions were for the purpose of allowing the rightful owners of the land to move in, not to cause pain to the Palestinians who were evicted. Even if you don’t acknowledge that the Israeli courts found that the land was owned (as shown in deeds) by the Israelis, the purpose was still for the Israelis to move in, not to cause the Palestinians pain. Therefore, not sadistic.
    BTW, please remember when reading mondoweiss that they have recently banned any posters with dissenting opinions from posting there. Anything you read on mondoweiss could be a lie and no one there would say so, simply because anyone who tries to keep them honest gets banned.


  2. jessica says:

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  3. ... says:

    glad to read steve is going to comment on the palestinians being evicted and thanks poa for bringing it up… h clinton refereed to the evictions as “”deeply regrettable.” mondoweiss refers to them as sadistic… i think mondoweiss is much closer to the truth, but i have never found politicians capable of saying anything straight up..


  4. David says:

    Management ideology and network ownership are the most powerful factors in determining the nature of all the corporate-woned major media. I see GE wanted MSNBC to rein in criticism of Fox News. I also see that Keith Olbermann refused to knuckle under, and instead called them out. This is getting more and more interesting.
    Historical note, and something that is becoming more and more a story from the past: Florida’s best newspapers were the ones which were family owned: The St. Pete Times, The Daytona News-Journal, and the paper down in Ft. Lauderdale, I think it was. These were family owned without any of the corporate or insider access considerations that weighed down on the New York Times or the Washington Post, or at least that is the impression I had. The worst were the Florida Times-Union (a North Florida-South Georgia publication with hard-core conservative roots), the Tampa Tribune, and the Orlando Sentinel. The best papers owned by large parent companies were the ones owned by the New York Times: The Leesburg Daily Commercial and the Lakeland Ledger.
    The differences in what perspectives a reader dependent on the newspaper, and the breadth and depth of what the paper would talk about, and how, were quite significant, and really showed themselves during the Contra War.
    The best local cartoon regarding the invasion of Iraq was penned and published by the editor of a small, family-owned newspaper in Clermont. This is a generic small-town local newspaper in a typically conservative southern town, but the cartoon is something one would normally find in a progressive publication.
    Thanks to Steve Clemons for being on Countdown and for posting the link so I could watch his segment. As someone said somewhere else, Steve classes up whatever show he is on. I would add not only by his presence but also by his intellectual integrity. Most refreshing.


  5. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Steve made a comment on Olberman that was intriguing in its implications. He in effect stated that Clinton’s constructive intent on engagement with N.Korea was derailed by the middle eastern peace efforts. If so, it is ironic that Clinton’s attention was diverted by such a dead end pursuit. Where might we be now in our relationship with N.Korea if Israel wasn’t such a drain on Washington’s time and energy? This longstanding and ongoing expenditure of political energy and taxpayer’s money attempting to find a “solution” to the unsolvable albatross of racial animous is like pissin’ into the wind. How long will we allow our government to subsidize such an albatross?


  6. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “I’m guessing it is fear of being shut down”
    I’m more inclined to believe that it has to do with management ideology, network ownership, and copious amounts of zionist money behind many of our so called “media” entities.


  7. David says:

    I’m guessing it is fear of being shut down. I don’t know that, but I do know the big dogs are relentless in the pressure they put on anyone who dares to offer reasoned commentary on the Israeli-Palestinian nightmare. I am pleasantly surprised that J Street is not backing down, and in fact has taken on Evan Bayh for trying to undercut Obama on US policy. I don’t really understand what drives Evan Bayh. I guess he was one of the Democrats who set the firestorm in motion when Howard Dean dared to suggest during the ’04 primary that the United States needed to take a balanced, fair-minded approach to the Middle East.
    Meanwhile, I am celebrating what Bill Clinton accomplished, because I think it has larger implications. And North Korea did not turn truly hostile until George Bush first betrayed the understandings the North Koreans had with Bill Clinton, naively thinking the next president would honor the former president’s agreements, which is not how American politics works. The cincher was declaring North Korea part of the axis of evil. And we wonder why North Korea might be hostile. Granted, they are one effed up country, but remember the detente that was developing between North and South Korea before some kind of “scandal” undermined the South Korean president who was working toward detente. Wish I knew more about who, why, and how.
    A former colleague, no anti-semite by any stretch of anybody’s imagination, once said to me that Israel had become an albatross for the Democratic Party. He was referring to Israel under Likud, of course, and like me was quite distressed when the wacko superorthodox young Jew assassinated one of the best hopes for some semblance of peace and justice in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
    I can only compare what is unfolding to the systematic appropriation of the United States from the indigenous populations by our Christo-European forebears. Same attitude – savages – and same rationale – manifest destiny.


  8. JohnH says:

    Amazing how much media space is dedicated Americans who go missing in Iran and North Korea, and how little is granted to Americans KILLED by Israel.


  9. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “POA — I will get to the story of the displaced Palestinians…”
    Yes, I believe you might.
    But MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, or Keith Olberman won’t.


  10. Steve Clemons says:

    POA — I will get to the story of the displaced Palestinians…but have some other pieces of the story that I picked up in my recent Europe trip that I need to add. Have just been a bit short on time. Stay tuned. As ever, steve


  11. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Steve, its a real pity you aren’t discussing Israel’s eviction of the Palestinian families, and the obscene arrogance displayed by such action in the face of Obama’s so-called “hard line” with the Israelis.
    However, I have stopped holding my breath for Maddow or Olberman to touch on any topic concerning Israel, unless it is complimentary. Their silence on Israeli policies and actions consigns then into the same pseudo journalistic category as these partisan mouthpieces such as Hannity or Coulter. And their use of Wolfe, without disclosing his lobbyist position with one of the major spin machines in Washington, really underscores how both the right and the left have shed reponsible news reporting and honest analysis and replaced it with propaganda and the marketing of political or special interest agendas.
    Frankly, Steve, I wish there was an entity honestly devoted to unbiased news and information that you could offer your commentary to. Its painfully obvious that MSNBC isn’t it, and it saddens me that the topics they invite you to address are so selective in their focus.
    I had a great deal of respect for Maddow until it became obvious that she was avoiding any commentary about the Israel/Palestinian issue. I do not know if this is a producer mandate, or a collective effort that Maddow and Olberman have signed on to with their producers, but it is glaring in its bias and journalistic irresponsibility. MSNBC is just the flip side of Fox, and neither of them come anywhere close to resembling a responsible member of the fourth estate.


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