Maliki’s Aproach to Sunni Militias — Politics as War By Other Means



DENVER — Despite optimistic forecasts with Ken Pollack and Michael O’Hanlon in their latest Foreign Affairs piece, Stephen Biddle seems to be parting ways and concluding that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government has no intention of folding in the Sunni Awakening Councils into the Iraqi military.

Geopolitical Stickiness — What Our Policies Toward Georgia, Pakistan & Colombia Have in Common



The common thread running through a series of events in the past weeks — from Georgia, to Pakistan, to perhaps parts of Latin America — is one I would term geopolitical stickiness, though unlike the economics term, this is less a natural failure and more one of poor execution and ideological traps getting in the…

<em>Guest Post by Mindy Kotler</em>: Rocks of Contention


Mindy Kotler is director of Asia Policy Point, a Washington research center that provides objective information on East Asia to the policy community. Among the many obstacles hindering success at the Six-Party Talks to denuclearlize the Korean peninsula are the ingrained animosities between Japan and South Korea.