Redeploying American Power Through Listening, and Civilians



A little over year ago after Paul Wolfowitz’s unceremonious departure from the World Bank, the newly appointed head of the World Bank, Bob Zoellick, went on a “listening tour” both as a symbolic gesture to the world to repair damaged relations with investors, but also to gather real “intelligence” of sorts on the needs and…

<em>Guest Post</em>: The Squeeze in Middle America



Sam Sherraden is a Program Associate with the New America Foundation’s Economic Growth Program and writes for Global Economic Snapshot. As my cab approached Dulles Airport last week from my Washington home 45 minutes away, I looked up and was astonished to see the meter at only 45 dollars.

<em>Guest Post</em>: A Belated Note on McCain, Petraeus, and Civil-Military Relations



Andrew Lebovich is a Research Intern with the New America Foundation’s American Strategy Program The Obama campaign and various surrogates jumped on comments made by Senator John McCain last week that it was “not too important” when American troops come home from Iraq, but rather what the conditions on the ground are.

<em>Guest Post by Ben Katcher</em>: Domestic or Foreign Policy Agenda Setting?



Ben Katcher is a Program Associate with the New America Foundation’s American Strategy Program. At the Center for a New American Security “Pivot Point: New Directions for American Security” conference Wednesday, the question was raised of whether the next president is likely to invest his political capital in the domestic or the international sphere.

Another Take on Saudi Arabia’s Nuclear Agenda



Congressman Markey is known to be one of the leading policy wonks in the US House of Representatives. His reputation for employing one of the largest numbers of PhD’s per capita on staff speaks to his interest in plumbing the intellectual depths of US policymaking, particularly US national security and nuclear policy.

<em>Guest Post</em>: Liberal Internationalism’s Death — Untimely or Unlikely?



Andrew Lebovich is a research intern with the New America Foundation’s American Strategy Program. Is Liberal Internationalism dead? Professors Charles Kupchan and Peter Trubowitz certainly seem to suggest as much in a thoughtful paper published last year.