Seeing the Forest for the Trees in Afghanistan



The Washington Post ran a feature yesterday that asked a number of foreign policy experts to offer their first impressions of President Obama’s speech at Camp Lejuene. I found many of the responses interesting, but was particularly struck by Andrew Bacevich’s comments.

Eric Schmidt’s Economic Forecast Misses Key Point



Eric Schmidt has a somewhat optimistic short op-ed in today’s New York Times, “Back Online by 2010,” on the economy and when it might rebound. He thinks that bargain hunters need to have their acquisitions of deflated assets in hand before things begin to bounce back mid-2010. Fine.

The Limits of a “3 Minute Rahm” in Obama’s Kitchen Cabinet



I can’t get into names, but if a crafty business journalist got on the phone to the biggest billionaires and financial wizards who support the Democratic Party and Barack Obama, he or she would find a large passel of very frustrated economic elites who think that Obama’s stimulus package and spending priorities are not going…

EU Emergency Summit


BRUSSELS: While stomping around through Europe on various endeavors, I coincidentally found myself in Belgium today amid an economic summit.