The Future of Humanitarian Relief?



In an impulsive backlash against the warrants issued by the ICC this week, Sudanese President al-Bashir halted the work of 13 relief organizations operating in his country, leaving, “1.1 million people without food, 1.5 million without medical care and more than one million without drinking water.

Fathers and Sons: A Spirited Defense of Chas Freeman by his Politically Divergent Son



This is a guest post for The Washington Note by CSIS Freeman Chair in China Studies Charles Freeman. The entry first appeared on Freeman’s facebook page. Freeman previously served as assistant U.S. trade representative (USTR) for China affairs.

The View from My Window: Corpus Christi



This morning I left Washington Dulles, and it was about 14 degrees outside. Now I’m in Corpus Christi, Texas planning to speak tonight and tomorrow to groups organized by the World Affairs Council of South Texas/Corpus Christi and Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. It’s 73 degrees outside. Really.

Israel is Crossing the Line



One of the interesting things to observe after George Bush issued his dictate to the world — “You are with us or against us” — was how some of those nations “with us” began to assume that their importance to and relationship with the United States was “unconditional” and that they could do virtually anything…