Clinton Campaign Conference Call



Hillary Rodham Clinton’s National Gallery portrait by Ginny Stanford This morning, I was invited to a media call with Clinton campaign director Howard Wolfson and strategist Mark Penn. It took forever for the call operator to get me on the call — more than 12 minutes waiting so missed the beginning of Wolfson’s statement.

The Jack Nicholson Factor



Friends of mine just asked what I thought John Edwards would do now. Would he endorse Obama or Clinton? Then I got an email asking what I thought Bill Richardson would do. I have no idea on either of them — but endorsements at this point are of less and less consequence. . .

Take That, Dubya



An odd moment during Mitt Romney’s address to supporters tonight: Romney promises to govern in the tradition of Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush and Teddy Roosevelt. I’ve heard him and others lay claim to the Reagan legacy before, but by bringing George H.W. Bush into the picture, Romney is smacking down President George W….