California: McCain and Clinton Win


Everyone I know is shocked that with Ted Kennedy and John Kerry endorsing Obama, Massachusetts went big for Hillary Clinton. I guess I’m surprised too — but Obama still did very strongly tonight. He has 11 states so far out of 24 — not bad. . .and may get more.
As I write, Hillary Clinton has 55% of California with 15% of precincts reporting. Zogby predicted a 13% lead in polls for Obama, so this is either a huge polling read mistake — or Clinton as able to push a lot of the right buttons in one of the most pivotal states in the country. Although I haven’t analyzed exit polls, I think that Hillary did well overall with women and Hispanics in California.
As I write, Blitzer on CNN is reporting that McCain and Hillary Clinton win in California.
The Dems will continue to struggle internally with what they want to be — and I bet that despite some stumbles, McCain wins the day for the most part — and knows that he has to do a VP deal with Huckabee, who was the big news of the day.
— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “California: McCain and Clinton Win

  1. Doc Rock says:

    Let’s face it, some astrologers are doing a better job than ARG and Zogby. If you believe in polls, then the electorate is one huge flock of sheep being constantly led hither and then yon by a bunch spin-merchant border collies! The polls are being given too much credit by the media that need horse races to supply talking head fodder.
    If you believe in polls, clap your hands. If you believe in polls, clap your hands! Yes,Arg aand Zogby, et al., are coming back to life, quick give them money!
    The polls that count are those on election day!
    The doctor is in, please be seated.


  2. Allen Daniels says:

    John McCain is not my first choice either, but he is a thousand times better than either of the democrats. It makes me shudder to think that Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama could be the next president of this great country. Neither of these represents my views on moral, family, and national defense. What influences my choices for political candidates are what I call the three “F” system: Faith, Family, and Freedom. Unless we consider these three (in that order), they the next four years is going to make the last eight seem like a walk in the park. Now that John McCain seems to be the project Republican winner, we all need to give him our support to help him win in November. If you don’t like him, then think about the alternative.


  3. Robert Morrow, Austin, TX says:

    Democratic voters are just plain embarassed to be telling pollsters that they are voting for the hated Hillary. It happened in New Hampshire; it happened in the pre-Super Tuesday polls; it happened in the exit polls today. The Obama people just want to blab and gush about how EXCITED they are to vote for Obama and the Hillary supporters are grimly fixated on voting for Nurse Ratched.
    In other news R.P. McMurphy, a.k.a. Jack Nicholson, goes cuckoo and has endorsed Nurse Ratched for President. He more than anyone else has had experience with the cold, firm grip of the remorseless power freak. Political observers think that this endorsement may be outweighed in later primaries Martini, Beans, Warren, Billy Bibbit, Charlie and big Chief who are breaking for Obama.
    Understandably, R.P.’s McMurphy’s endorsement of Hillary came POST lobotomy, and while most of the Obama supporters, while clinically insane, are not crazy enough to vote for a pair of sociopaths!
    I am a hope monger … and I’m not crazy.


  4. memekiller says:

    Doesn’t the Republican establishment hate Huckabee? I thought they wanted the evangelists to vote and phoneback, but Huckabee’s the real deal. That frightens the Ayne Rand fans. Heck, even Kansas tossed the Republicans out when the fundamentalists took over the school boards.
    I’m more afraid of McCain fooling the public into thinking he has a bipartisan ticket with Joe Leiberman. Then, he’s shoring up his conservative cred by how stubbornly he clings to Bush foreign policy. Still not good for Mr. “In Iraq a hundred years”.


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