John McCain: Maverick Man Who Thinks War With Iran Inevitable



There’s so much tension in the air now as we trip into tomorrow that folks are forgetting to laugh a bit about the sillier part of elections. I kind of liked this montage that Media Matters put together on McCain — but I also think it’s a little substantively off target.

Impressive Endorsement: The Eisenhower-Kennedy Axis



Susan Eisenhower, a long time friend and reader of TWN, impressed me with her Washington Post commentary endorsing Barack Obama. I’m not ‘there’ on any of the candidates, but I’m glad she’s committing to helping him understand the strategic picture if he’s elected.

Pakistan Remake of “The Year of Living Dangerously”



Want to know how it feels to be a young journalist passionate about covering one of the exotic countries of the era — like Pakistan — and then be deported? Deportation is scary, as is brushing up against the very real thuggishness of military and intelligence services in Pakistan.