Dealing with the Challenge of Militant Idealism on the Right and the Left: Book Salon Today



(The Neocons: An Illustrated Progression; Graphic by Peter and Maria Hoey) In today’s Washington Post, neoconservative movement chronicler Jacob Heilbrunn outlines “5 Myths About Those Nefarious Neocons“.

Fundraising, On Line Loyalties, and Facebook


Since the polls closed on Super Tuesday, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have raked in huge amounts of campaign dollars. Clinton campaign internet director Peter Daou has reported that Hillary has brought in $10 million from more than 100,000 donors — and ALL of this online.

The View From the Roadside



Yesterday, I saved these turkeys from near tragedy as they were trying to cross Highway 213 near Chestertown, Maryland. I’ve seen a lot of wild turkeys in Maryland and Colorado — but few of them looked as plump and, well, like the turkeys we used to draw in elementary school around Thanksgiving time.

Pluck and Yesterday’s Primaries



Barack Obama owned last night — and he’ll own the rest of the month for the most part until he runs up against the contests in early March in Rhode Island, Texas and Ohio. Despite Obama’s impressive sweep of Nebraska, Washington and Louisiana yesterday, the delegate count remains at near parity between them.

Mitt Romney Disgraces Himself: A “New Abyss” in High Fear Politicking



From Chris Nelson’s insider daily political essay, The Nelson Report: . . .Romney today disgraced himself and his party by charging that a Democratic victory in the presidential race will turn America over to the terrorists. As we said, a new abyss. . .