Fundraising, On Line Loyalties, and Facebook


Since the polls closed on Super Tuesday, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have raked in huge amounts of campaign dollars. Clinton campaign internet director Peter Daou has reported that Hillary has brought in $10 million from more than 100,000 donors — and ALL of this online.
Republicans must be very worried about this rapid network building in the Democratic camp. It certainly helps the Dems to balance the implicit strength of Republicans in religious sectors in general — and the evangelical camp specifically.
But there is a considerable youth divide between Obama and Clinton that many have documented — but checking on Facebook — I see that Clinton now has 107,578 supporters on the social network site, and Obama has 465,648.
Since I wrote about how the Republicans and Democrats were faring on Facebook just a few days ago, there has been about a 20% surge in the number of Facebook members who have gone public in their profiles with a candidate he or she wants to support.
— Steve Clemons


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