Mitt Romney Disgraces Himself: A “New Abyss” in High Fear Politicking


From Chris Nelson’s insider daily political essay, The Nelson Report:

. . .Romney today disgraced himself and his party by charging that a Democratic victory in the presidential race will turn America over to the terrorists.
As we said, a new abyss. . .even for the man who reversed every important policy position he had ever held. . .in order to make himself attractive to the worst elements of the Republican “base”.
Fortunately, in national politics, when you aim low most folks see it. And in any event, Republican voters, to their credit, rejected both Romney and his cynical messages.
The now-presumptive nominee, John McCain, was apparently so relieved by Romney’s surrender that he didn’t note Romney’s betrayal of one of the fundamental “laws” of politics in a civilized country: criticize your opponent’s policies, beliefs, and perhaps even his spouse, children, and dog. . .but NEVER his patriotism.
In the post-9/11 panic which swept the country, some in the Republican Leadership accused critics of the Iraq war of treason. . .Romney has now resurrected this ugly, dare one say treasonous tactic.
It will be interesting to see how soon McCain, who has himself been on the receiving end of such dirt, moves to counter Romney’s sleaze.
The problem may well be “bi-partisan”, of course.
In the “informed gossip” department, we have heard that it may not be just the Republican Romney diving into the sewage pit. Sources in the Clinton Campaign say consideration is being given to comparing Obama supporters to cult members. . .with all that implies.
Clinton Campaign players at a very high level are calling attention to a recent article by Joel Klein (author of “Primary Colors”) in which he examines the “messianic” aspects of the “movement” Obama has sparked, we have been told.
So perhaps this. . .on top of Bill Clinton’s transparent playing of the “race card” after South Carolina.
Politics is a blood sport. . .no one ever argued otherwise. But today, we got a shotgun blast showing what some players may think is the way to win in 2008. . .through tactics which the very success of the McCain, Obama and Huckabee “movements” would seem to refute.

Romney hitting the terror button surprised and disappointed me. Many of his advisers were realists — but I guess they failed to tutor him well before that kind of sleazy comment.
— Steve Clemons


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