Rock-Em, Sock-Em


More. . .Romney gets his home state of Massachusetts. McCain takes Connecticut (thanks to Joe Lieberman) and New Jersey.
— Steve Clemons


2 comments on “Rock-Em, Sock-Em

  1. Eric Farnsworth says:

    I just got back from the Democratic caucus on the east side of Lawrence Kansas, the most liberal side of the most liberal city in Kansas. There were 2218 people filling the livestock building at the fairgrounds. The 15% cutoff to remain a viable candidate was 332 votes. Hillary had a corner of the room, and polled 350 votes the first round. Edwards got 40 and Kucinich took 55. The second round saw a third of those approx. 90 votes go to Hillary, and the rest to Obama. It was fairly impressive to see the turnout at more than three times what the organizers expected, and Hillary only barely viable.
    I suggest Obama/Sebelius.


  2. PissedOffAmerican says:

    What a fuckin’ joke, if it continues this way, we are going to end up with a Republican nominee (McCain) whose positions are totally polar with his constituency’s wishes in regards to illegal immigration, and polar to the majority of American’s (right and left) wishes in regards to the Iraq “war”.
    So, you tell me, how is it that a candidate that does not reflect the wishes of the American people, seems to be winning?
    I cannot remember a Presidential election that can equal this one for pure horseshit factor. There is not a single one of these jackasses that is of Presidential caliber, and never has it been more glaringly obvious that the media,
    (corporate global money) picks our President.
    Good God, New Hampshire has yet to sort out its mess, and here we have a multitude of states that will be shown to have had grave ballot counting issues in the coming days. Nothing has been fixed since Florida or Ohio, thanks to these pieces of shit on the left that abandoned John Conyers whan he was attempting to investigate and fix the problems that occurred in Ohio and Florida. One can only imagine what a mess the actual Presidential election is going to be.
    The handwriting is on the wall. Our voices are being taken away from us. If we want to be heard, we will have to speak, en masse, on the streets. And quite frankly, I don’t believe the American people have the balls for it anymore.
    Our goose is cooked.


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