Take That, Dubya


An odd moment during Mitt Romney’s address to supporters tonight: Romney promises to govern in the tradition of Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush and Teddy Roosevelt. I’ve heard him and others lay claim to the Reagan legacy before, but by bringing George H.W. Bush into the picture, Romney is smacking down President George W. Bush pretty hard and with very little subtlety. Yet, Romney is depending more and more on pro-Bush Republicans in his campaign for the nomination. What’s up?
— Scott Paul


2 comments on “Take That, Dubya

  1. Jay C says:

    Scott: just how many “pro-Bush Republicans” do you think there are still left out there? For the last three years, Preznit Dubya’s popularity, and its concomitant political “draw” has been cratering – and the GOP rank-and-file have finally unblinkered themselves and realized that the Bush/Cheney machine has been, fundamentally, out for itself for all its term in office; and moreover, has left the Republican “brand” in disrepute – probably for years to come.
    It’s their own fault, of course: while the “getting was good”, the Party tied itself to the prestige (or the facade of prestige) of GWB as the Fearless Wartime Warrior-King; and now that his reputation looks more likely to end up being that of Worst President Ever (and incompetent dry-drunk boob, besides) – they’re going IMHO) to have to wage the 2008 campaign running away from Dubya’s record not on it.
    Sort of like the Democrats and Bill Clinton in 2000: only with war, corruption, recession as legacies.


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