McFarlane, Woolsey, Inman Support McCain and Declare Opposition to Use of Torture



An interesting set of headliners — including former National Security Adviser to Ronald Reagan Robert “Bud” McFarlane, former NSA Director and Bush family pal Bobby Inman, and Committee on the Present Danger Co-Chairman R.

’08 Or Bust: Energy and Climate



So far, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Bill Richardson and Barack Obama have returned Global Solutions Candidate Questionnaires. Much of what they have to say is predictable, but there are a lot of important differences in rhetoric and even some key differences in substance. They’re worth a read through.

The Weekly Gaff: Right-Wing Activists Don’t Understand What Sovereignty Means



In the last week, I’ve had over ten meetings with Senate staffers on the Law of the Sea Convention (I hope this explains and excuses my recent absence from this blog). In every meeting — without exception — staffers have agreed that U.S. interests are served by ratification of the Convention.

Giuliani Slipping; HIllary Clinton Maintains 30 Point Lead



The Washington Post and ABC News have just released a new national poll on the relative positions of Democratic and Republican candidates: Republicans Giuliani — 25 pct Huckabee — 19 pct Romney — 17 pct Thompson — 14 pct McCain — 12 pct Paul — 3 pct Hunter — 2 pct Democrats Clinton — 53…