Enough of Soft & Fuzzy Bipartisanship: America Needs a Dissident Ticket



The other day, I mentioned Bloomberg’s increasing fascination with running for President. According to an inside Bloomberg source, the “environment is not yet right” to commit to a run, but “he’s working through the details of a possible strategy.

Ron Paul Working the Dems



Here are two interesting emails I received this morning about Ron Paul’s efforts at soliciting the support of Democrats. The first is from Iowa resident, Keith Porter, who is the “Guide to US Foreign Policy” on About.com. The second is from a regular poster in TWN comments, well known as “POA” (aka Pissed Off American).

Agonizing Over the Candidates and Who They Really Are



Will Hillary Clinton really keep stroking the most anti-Castro crazed elder generation of Miami’s Cuban-American community? Or will she look at the demographic and polling data that show that most Cuban-Americans want a new course in US-Cuba relations, particularly with regard to travel to and from Cuba for Cuban-American families? Some near Hillary Clinton tell…

A View of Obama’s Ground Game: Sizzle and Challenges



Snow or no snow the “Obama Stand for Change tour” (or whatever it is that they are actually calling it) rolled into Iowa City yesterday. This event was supposed to target undecideds in the area, and I was told that the campaign was thinking about 300 people would show up.