Reno to Carson City


Just drove down 395 South in Nevada from Reno to Carson City. There was only one political billboard up — and that was Ron Paul telling Nevadans he would secure the borders.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. PissedOffAmerican says:

    It occurs to me that if Kucinich formally bows out, a good part of his following may opt to support Ron Paul. The fact of the matter is that a Democrat that is prone to support Obama would already have landed in that camp. Most Kucinich supporters got on board Kucinich’s wagon because of his outspoken advocation of impeachment, and his efforts to try to hold Bush/Cheney accountable. Obama’s statements in regards to executive abuse are completely polar to the views of the average Kucinich supporter, who realizes that Bush has indeed committed “grave and intentional breeches of his presidential authority”. If Paul’s campaign managers are smart, they will seek to publicize Obama’s stance in an effort to corral the Kucinich supporters that are being told to support a candidate that has shown that he is completely devoid of any inclination to hold Bush accountable, or even recognize just how criminally egregious Bush’s actions have been.
    Kucinich Backs Obama in Iowa
    The Nation — Barack Obama got a boost among progressive Democrats in Iowa today when Dennis Kucinich announced that he was asking his supporters to back Obama in the second round of voting at the caucus.
    continues at….


  2. PissedOffAmerican says:
    The Magic Surrounding Ron Paul is About to be Revealed
    December 31, 2007
    The run up to the presidential primaries of 2008 has been nothing less than a marvel of intrigue for the Republican candidacy of Congressman Ron Paul. This mystic of politics has created a mirage of ubiquity so realistic that it can literally be seen around the world, all while simultaneously remaining shrouded in a cloak of anonymity.
    No other candidate has managed to appeal to a broader spectrum of the electorate. No other candidate in this race has attracted such a worldwide audience. No other candidate has been researched as much as this presidential contender. No other candidate has as many apathetic voters, first-time voters, and even party-switching voters pledging their unwavering support on Election Day.
    This candidate, Ron Paul, has accomplished not one, but two, record breaking 24 hour fundraisers. In fact, he’s raised more money in this final quarter than any of his Republican opponents. It’s also interesting to note that this non-interventionist also receives the most contributions from military personnel.
    Though unpretentious and unscripted, Ron Paul has dominated online polls, straw polls, and post-debate polls. No other candidate generates more calls, emails, or protests of support. Such allegiance is likely due to the fact that no other candidate has the same consistency in their voting record, their message, and their manner.
    No other candidate in either party has amassed the grassroots support that Ron Paul has been able to inspire. No other candidate has as many signs, banners, or bumper stickers percolating across the nation. No other candidate has inspired as many videos, blogs, or songs.
    No other candidate has as many people wearing apparel that bears their name. No other candidate has as many vehicles painted or decorated with their name. No other candidate has a blimp, a hot air balloon, and airplanes routinely filling the skies with their name.
    No other candidate has as many meet-up groups. No other candidate has as many sign-waving’s and rallies. No other candidate has as many boots on the ground going door-to-door on their behalf. No other candidate has as many fans going out of their way to show their support by staking out strategic locations to hold up a sign or banner at a sporting event, a live news feed, or even a competitor’s engagement.
    However, the greatest feat in this amazing performance may not be what has been witnessed by the masses, but what has been hidden from them. For this phenomenal candidate has attained this profound notoriety while being virtually censored by every major establishment, including his own party.
    Ron Paul is certainly the most magical presidential candidate in the race. Yet, he owes his accomplishments to genuine transparency, not sleight of hand. If he fails to produce a top tier finish right before your very eyes, it will only demonstrate that the prodigious conjuring of the American media has trumped him with a spellbinding illusion that he was simply no match for.


  3. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Considering Paul’s fund raising success, equaled ONLY by Hillary Clinton, it is CRIMINAL of Fox News to omit Ron Paul from the upcoming debates to be aired on their network. It is increasingly obvious that Ron Paul scares the shit out of those that profit by the political status quo.
    Paul Rivals Clinton, Raising Almost $20 Million for Campaign
    By Kristin Jensen
    Jan. 1 (Bloomberg) — Presidential candidate Ron Paul raised almost $20 million for his campaign in the last three months, potentially outpacing every one of his Republican rivals and putting his fundraising in league with Hillary Clinton’s.
    Paul, a U.S. representative from Texas, raised at least $19.5 million, according to a statement posted on his Web site. His campaign said today that he originally aimed to raise $12 million in the fourth quarter of 2007.
    The take puts Paul on par with the top fundraisers in the Democratic Party, who outpaced Republicans last year. The campaign of New York Senator Clinton yesterday said she raised more than $100 million for the year, meaning she brought in at least $20 million in the fourth quarter.
    Paul has drawn supporters with his libertarian message and his opposition to the war in Iraq, spurring a burst of donations on the Internet, the source of about 80 percent of the contributions last quarter, according to Paul spokesman Jesse Benton. In the three months through September, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani brought in the most contributions among Republicans, for a total of $11.5 million.
    Presidential campaigns don’t have to report fundraising figures until the end of January, though many give hints about their totals earlier than that. Arizona Senator John McCain, who’s seeking the Republican presidential nomination, yesterday told reporters in New Hampshire that December was his best fundraising month since July. He gave no further details.
    To contact the reporter on this story: Kristin Jensen in Iowa at


  4. DreadPirate says:

    Well, the intent of the sign is what really matters. If a spanish version was posted, my guess is that it would likely translate as,
    “Amigo, if you’re hitchen in a ride in a trailer or pickup bed, … then you’s don’t belongs in these here parts! Comprendez?”


  5. susan says:

    Over at Huffpo, Gary Hart is instructing us to hug our republican brethren, soulfully sing Kumbaya and be best friends.
    Unfortunately, the nasty rabble is having none of it; they have grabbed his olive branch and are using it to beat the s**t out of him.
    (The members of Unity ’08 don’t think we’re smart enough to see what they’re up to.)


  6. Callimaco says:

    There’s usually plenty of political signs in Reno and Carson City closer to election time. And I was shocked to see Obama opening up a headquarters in Reno back in (IIRC) September.


  7. PissedOffAmerican says:

    The following is must read. We need to stop deluding ourselves that “it can’t happen here”. It HAS happened here, and will continue to happen here, unless we put a stop to it.
    New problems identified with Iowa caucuses
    by Bev Harris
    This affects every one of you in the 49 states that are “not Iowa” because what happens in Iowa will play a major role in which presidential candidates you get to vote for.
    Please distribute this to every single person you know in Iowa. Black Box Voting does not have many Iowa members, and needs your help to get this information where it needs to go.
    Continues at……..


  8. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “There was only one political billboard up — and that was Ron Paul telling Nevadans he would secure the borders.”
    I imagine he means it too. They might just hafta kill this guy.
    Its pretty obvious “they” don’t want his message getting out. “They” being the established political structure, that uses the illusion of partisan differences as a wedge with which to fracture any chances the citizenry has of forming a concensus or demanding true representation. Both sides seem intimidated by this guy, and the media is doing its damndest to limit his exposure. Its a good thing they have figured out how to successfully steal elections and “place” politicians where they want them, or us lowly peons might actually regain our voices.
    Steve, start tuning in to RW radio talk shows. Its a good way to educate yourself about what we are up against. There is some REAL scary propaganda going on out there, and these people are unabashed liars across the board. Just this morning I listened to that asshole Glen Beck state that taxpayers aren’t paying for Blackwater’s presence in Iraq. Another blathering jackass, a coupla days ago, was saying that dictatorships are the only safe way to govern Muslims, because they are too backwards and bloodthirsty to be trusted with a democracy.


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