One Vote ’08


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The “One Campaign” has put together a cool compilation of video commentary from every single one of the presidential candidates on “their plans to combat extreme poverty and global disease.”
I have watched six or seven of the clips — and I think the template they used for this is impressive.
I’d love to see other NGOs organize similar clips around their issues with all of the candidates responding, or avoiding the issue, in digitally recorded formats.
I think folks should bookmark this site — and see what happens when one candidate after another begins dropping out. Note that Tom Tancredo’s thumbnail is now plastered with “No Longer Running for President”.

— Steve Clemons


2 comments on “One Vote ’08

  1. Koshembos says:

    I agree to the spirit of this post and want to add two notes.
    The situation we have today was produced by aggressive, high-fear tactics of minority political operations within both the Republican and Democratic parties — that then cowed a party membership that passively followed.
    The vote in 2002 to authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against Iraq has become a symbol. Those that voted Yea are held as second class politician. However, the number of Nay was small (23) and it was relatively easy to be fooled by the lying onslaught of the early Bush regime that close to 9/11.
    The main problem with bipartisanship lies in the implied reduction of internal conflicts to weather talk. That’s not democracy; it’s almost a benign private company with the senators as board members.


  2. Robin Cohen <Cleverboots2007 @en says:

    Just became a fan of your writing and thoroughly enjoyed your very cogent “No More Warm and Fuzzy Bipartisanship…” Your comments are preciseand very relevant.Let’s hope that Sam Nunn etc. are able to focus on the real issues and can develop a platform/candidate which will attract enough enthusiasm to defeat Hillary or Rudy. The possbility of a Hillary or Rudy Presidency is enough to scare the hell out of any thinking American and, with the exception of Dodd or Biden, election of any of the others would be just as disastrous. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more of your writings.


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