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Here are two interesting emails I received this morning about Ron Paul’s efforts at soliciting the support of Democrats.
The first is from Iowa resident, Keith Porter, who is the “Guide to US Foreign Policy” on The second is from a regular poster in TWN comments, well known as “POA” (aka Pissed Off American).

From Keith Porter:

Lounging here in my Muscatine, Iowa home, I just received an automated call from the Ron Paul campaign.
And this is interesting for four reasons: The phone list, the message, the robo-twist, and the
1. Because of my past participation in the Iowa Democratic Caucuses, I am flooded with automatic calls, mailings, and front door visits from all the Democratic campaigns. But until today, I had not received a single GOP contact. Is the Ron Paul campaign dialing at random? Or are they buying Democratic phone lists? Considering the message. . .maybe.
2. The call said, paraphrasing, “Democrats sent the new Congress to end the war in Iraq, but they have failed. And none of the leading Democratic candidates have a plan to immediately end the war. . .only Ron Paul has made a promise to end the war immediately.” Looks to me like the Paul campaign really is targetting Democrats.
3. The speaker on the call was clearly a recording, but after the first few lines he said, again paraphrasing, “If you want to speak to a Ron Paul volunteer, press one.” I have heard hundreds of robo-calls over the last several weeks (and last 20 years in Iowa), but never this twist. Seems the Paul campaign is spending some serious money in Iowa and is not afraid to try something new. (BTW, the caller ID for the message merely said “Philadelphia, PA.”)
4. What does it mean? The Iowa Caucuses (for both parties) are relatively open. Anyone can show up and register as a voter and party member at the caucus site. And any registered voter can switch party affiliation on site.
So Democrats fed up with the war could go to the GOP caucus and vote for Ron Paul. The Republicans even use a secret ballot (unlike the public declaration required at the Democratic caucus) so your neighbors would be left guessing about your intentions. The message was clearly aimed at people fed up with the war. And I know many Democrats who fit that bill. But I don’t know of any who are likely to be swayed toward the Ron Paul revolution.
Best, Keith

And then an email from commenter POA:

I recieved the same kind of call from the Paul campaign about three or four weeks ago. And it was before I subscribed to his newsletters or had contacted his California campaign manager.
I too was perplexed as to how I was targeted for the call, particularly being in California. I punched in to speak to a rep to ask specifically, but was working at the time, and was unable to hold long enough to be connected to someone. It impressed me, however, because I have NEVER before in my life been targeted, or randomly selected, for such a call, and I marveled at this relatively unknown candidate’s apparent reach.
Unfortunately, and of course, I don’t think Kucinich or Ron Paul fit the bill, but this country is crying out for charismatic leadership, and a candidate possessing JFK’s charisma would take the presidency by a landslide.
NONE of the candidates possess the kind of charisma one would expect from presidential candidates. It is not only troubling from the standpoint of a voter that is woefully unimpressed, but it is troubling that the world community is undoubtedly equally unimpressed.
A sad state of affairs.
Best, POA

Ron Paul’s efforts to woo anti-war Republicans and Democrats have been impressive, but this ad has perhaps thrown his efforts back a few yards.
— Steve Clemons


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