Giuliani Slipping; HIllary Clinton Maintains 30 Point Lead


The Washington Post and ABC News have just released a new national poll on the relative positions of Democratic and Republican candidates:


Giuliani — 25 pct
Huckabee — 19 pct
Romney — 17 pct
Thompson — 14 pct
McCain — 12 pct

— 3 pct
Hunter — 2 pct


Clinton — 53 pct
Obama — 23 pct
Edwards — 10 pct
Richardson — 3 pct

— 3 pct
Kucinich — 2 pct

Dan Balz and Jon Cohen have useful analysis here — and of course, everyone seems to have to say that Iowa is wide open and competitive in the Dem race.
But I have to admit skepticism that any Iowa poll at this point will seriously disrupt a 30 point lead nationally. What an Obama or Edwards win in Iowa could do is buoy up just a bit anti-Hillary forces in the Democratic Party, but even combined, Obama and Edwards are only drawing 33%.

Hillary Clinton
has the only juggernaut political machine in either party today, and stopping a juggernaut requires both sizzle and a political operation I haven’t seen yet — even with Oprah in the game.
— Steve Clemons


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