The Story Behind the Abduction of Britain’s 15 Sailors



Was Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei behind the abduction of Britain’s 15 sailors — who were taken by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard on March 23rd of this year — or not? Many of the Iran experts I know have told me that it is hard to imagine a scenario that would not depict Khamenei as the…

Nuke ‘Em Now and Get It Over With: Curtis LeMay Lives on in John Bolton



The United States has had a long history of hawkishness in its foreign policy, but for the most part American hawks have been judicious ones who carefully weighed costs and opportunities. But then there is also a cast of characters in our history that can’t see the gray area between bombing and appeasement.

The Good and the Bad: Libby Goes Free



I am hosting a dinner for Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs R. Nicholas Burns tonight, and will report on the “on the record” portion later. In other news, Scooter Libby will not go to jail. He will still have to pay a $250,000 fine and will be on 2-year probation.