NeoCons Exposed: Voyeurs Listen in to the “Real Stuff” on Trains and Ships



THURSDAY, 12 JULY 2007 — 4 pm ACELA/AMTRAK — NEW YORK TO DC NeoCon High Priest Bill Kristol sits one row behind liberal blog-phenom diva Arianna Huffington and proceeds to chat about his role in nudging and tweaking President Bush’s language.

10 Foreign Policy Winners from President Bush



Foreign Policy‘s blog, Passport decided to draw up a list of ten “good things” the President can take credit for in foreign policy in commemoration of his July 6th birthday. Blake Hounshell suggests this list: 1. Boosting aid to Africa threefold 2. Preventing a nuclear war between India and Pakistan 3. Taking down the A.Q….

<em>Guest Blog by Daniel Levy:</em> President Bush Offers Another False Promise to Israel & Palestine



Daniel Levy is Senior Fellow in the New America Foundation’s American Strategy Program and Director of the Middle East Peace Initiative there. He is also Senior Fellow at the Century Foundation. President Bush in his Palestinian announcement today pushed down softly on the accelerator of a failed Middle East policy.

Brits “Play Act” Indictment of Tony Blair for Iraq-Related Crimes Tomorrow on BBC



(Philippe Sands, Queen’s Counsel and Professor of Law, University College London) The BBC has a must-listen show on radio tomorrow titled Called to Account (times noted further below) offering a theatrical version of Tony Blair’s indictment for Iraq War-related crimes.

America’s Blind Spot on Dubai: No Secretary of Commerce has Led Commercial Mission There



This morning I received a Treasury Department email reminding me of the damaging encounter that America had with Dubai and many Arab moderates and modernists when a bipartisan Congressional crowd forced the White House to privately tell the Dubai government owned DP World to drop its acquisition plans for a number of American port operations….