John McCain’s Campaign Woes: The Cheney Factor



I attended a John McCain Mixer at “The Core Club” in New York last year (on an evening I had helped organize a George Soros book party in the same club) and was impressed with McCain’s unambiguous support for stem cell research, his smart views on immigration reform, as well as his candor that he…

Report on Hardened Underground Facility near Natanz



(Natanz nuclear enrichment facility) Just released in the Washington Post is an interesting story on the existence of a new — heretofore unreported — hardened underground facility and set of tunnels conneted to Natanz. Some analysts believe that it this facility is probably meant to disperse and protect nuclear assets in case of attack.

Bush, Hagel, McCain: You Can’t Go Home Again



How times have changed — sort of. I realize that the above picture is not as clear as it might be. I snapped it on my cell phone camera when visiting Senator Hagel‘s office recently. The picture shows George W. Bush hugging Senators McCain and Hagel.

What I Really Think. . .on Cheney, Cuba, Hillary, Jonathan Powers, Berlin, and other stuff



This is going to be a bit of a disorganized, stream-of-consciousness roster of items on which I feel I owe some comment. Short and brief. First of all, I have been pestered by quite a number of people and posters about Cheney/Bush and impeachment. Go back and read the blog.