<em>Guest Post by Mindy Kotler</em>: Comfort Women, US-Japan Historic Justice and the Bush Administration



A former “comfort woman” in South Korea Mindy Kotler is director of Asia Policy Point a Washington nonprofit research center that studies the U.S. policy relationship with Japan and Northeast Asia. Thank you Steve for this opportunity to guest blog about Asia on TWN.

<em>Guest Post by Sameer Lalwani</em>: Diplomacy That’s More Than a Punch Line



Sameer Lalwani is a policy analyst in the New America Foundation’s American Strategy Program The upside of this latest tiff between Senators Clinton and Obama is that it is starting to force candidates, and hopefully the broader public, to start thinking about what a new foreign policy should look like, and further, if we support…

What Hillary Said. . .and Should Say



Several good friends close to Senator Clinton were surprised by my post suggesting a “Nixon-Lite Strategy” as a guiding direction for some of her foreign policy thinking. To be fair, when I wrote a critique of Senator Obama’s first major foreign policy address, I got similar nudges from his team.

Hillary Clinton Needs to be “Nixon-Lite” not “Bush-Lite”



Senator Clinton‘s press office sent this note out today: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — July 26, 2007 Clinton/CNN Interview to Air this Afternoon Senator Clinton taped an interview with CNN’s John King this afternoon where she was asked to react to Barack Obama referring to her as “Bush-Cheney Lite.

Crossing Lines: Colin Powell and My Own DC Snobbery



Last night, I got a phone call from New York Sun writer Eli Lake, a thoughtful and serious writer who is more hawkish than I am and closely associated with neoconservatives (though I don’t consider him to be one — he’s too empirical for that), about Colin Powell speaking at a huge motivational conference in…

<em>Guest Post by Sameer Lalwani</em>: Former Peace Process Negotiators Daniel Levy and Rob Malley Skeptical of Bush Administration’s Israel-Palestine Plan



Sameer Lalwani is a policy analyst in the New America Foundation’s American Strategy Program Last night, the New America Foundation co-hosted a dinner with The American Prospect around their June “Middle East issue” that featured a number of important pieces by my American Strategy Program colleagues.