David Wurmser Leaving White House Employment


David Wurmser, one of the Vice President’s most dedicated neoconservative spear-carriers, is leaving the administration to start a risk assessment consulting firm.
A close friend of his who still works for President Bush shared with me that Wurmser has been looking for a new position for quite a while — which is what actually led him to share some of this information that I reported and the New York Times, Time‘s Joe Klein and others helped substantiate. Ironically, the New York Times article, according to this source, made it more difficult for a consulting shop or firm to acquire Wurmser.
But several people tell me that Wurmser has wanted to leave for some time and that his departure now was consistent with what he wanted to do before disclosures about policy tension between contending teams in the White House over Iran policy.
— Steve Clemons


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