John Bolton on The Daily Show Tonight



One of Steve’s and my partners in crime on the Bolton campaign has informed us that former Ambassador Bolton will be on The Daily Show tonight at 11. Should be entertaining. Interesting to note: Bolton and Jon Stewart have an interesting point of agreement: they both think France doesn’t matter.

Barack Obama tells Iowans: “Nobody is Suffering More than the Palestinian People. . .”



I just came across an interesting letter sent to presidential candidate Barack Obama by over 100 Iowa Caucus participants from 28 different cities. I did not realize that the oldest mosque in North America is in Cedar Rapids.

Fred Thompson MUST Be Running



Pajamas Media has an “exclusive” movie review of the film, 300, by former Tennessee Senator and presidential wannabe (maybe) Fred Thompson. Thompson writes: The comic book movie 300 about the Spartans and the Persians in 480 AD is still breaking box-office records. Now it seems the rulers of modern-day Persia, Iran, are not amused.