Remember when Bush Said Rumsfeld was Staying?!


Alberto Gonzales has finally received that dreaded call of firm presidential support from the White House:

Alberto, it’s me, George — yeah the President.
Just wanted to tell you that I know it’s hot out there, but I’m fully behind you. You are on the team, man. You have my full confidence, and I’ll be telling that to all of the citizens and you know, the media people. You are Da Man!
You got nothing to worry about from our side. Catch you later.

And then Josh Bolten sends in to Bush’s office the next potential candidate interviewing for Attorney General.
Gonzales knows its close to over.
— Steve Clemons


8 comments on “Remember when Bush Said Rumsfeld was Staying?!

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  2. TomL says:

    Bush can’t afford to ditch Gonzales. A Democratic Congress will not confirm another Bush crony to protect him like Gonzales has protected him. An attorney general with integrity would mean the endgame for the Bush administration. If he fires Gonzales, he’s stupider than I thought.


  3. just john says:

    I also vaguely recall two or three times that Rove was similarly declared a goner …


  4. Robert Morrow says:

    I was expecting Bush to hold a joint press conference, roll up his shirt sleeves like he always does when there is a disaster, and say “Gonzo, you are doing a heckuva job.”
    That is always the death knell, kind of like when the Islamofascists pull out their knives and saws in those beheading videos.


  5. pauline says:

    White House searching for Gonzales’ replacement, source says
    By Ron Hutcheson and Greg Gordon
    McClatchy Newspapers
    Tue, Mar. 20, 2007
    WASHINGTON – The White House began floating the names of possible replacements for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Monday as the Justice Department released more internal documents related to the firings of eight U.S. attorneys last year.
    One prominent Republican, who earlier had predicted that Gonzales would survive the controversy, said he expected both Gonzales and Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty to resign soon. Another well-connected Republican said that White House officials have launched an aggressive search for Gonzales’ replacement, though President Bush hadn’t decided whether to ask for his resignation.


  6. profmarcus says:

    yes, it does seem that bush is protecting rove above anyone else… however, gonzales’ removal would remove fully 1/3 of bush’s front line of defense, exposing a very vulnerable flank… only rove and cheney would be left in the inner, INNER circle…
    point two, if bush wants to restore credibility in the justice department (which i sincerely doubt), he could do no better than to appoint patrick fitzgerald to replace gonzo…


  7. Zathras says:

    Interesting sequence of events. Karl Rove and his group at the White House pressure Justice to drop the US Attorney in eight jurisdictions –evidently, and in most cases because they were either too eager to pursue corruption allegations against Republicans or not fast enough delivering indictments against Democrats. The Justice Department yields to the pressure. Now it is the Attorney General, not Karl Rove, who is being pressured to resign.
    Don’t misunderstand. I never thought Gonzales should have been confirmed in the first place. You could pick a name at random from the “lawyers” section of the Milwaukee phone book and stand a fair chance of picking a better Attorney General. But in this case Gonzales is at most guilty of not resisting the corruption of the judicial process by the President’s campaign manager. That is what Rove is, and is what he has always been; I have never understood why his being on the public payroll has never been considered a scandal. It seems clear enough here that the impetus for disrupting corruption investigations against Republicans in some jurisdictions, and for punishing US Attorneys unwilling to manufacture pre-election prosecutions of Democrats, came either directly from Rove or from people who report to him and for whose action he is responsible. If Gonzales is forced out that is fine, but the origins of this particular abuse were in Rove’s office, not his.
    I’m not surprised that this is not the prevailing view in Washington. Most Presidential candidates in either party, after all, would if elected feel not only compelled but entitled to give their own campaign strategists responsibilities similar to those Bush has given Rove. This is just a reflection of how completely the business of the permanent campaign has come to dominate the business of government. I have to say it is a bit of a surprise even after all this time that media attention, and even that of the blogosphere, has been directed pretty much exclusively to the Attorney General and not at all to the President’s taxpayer-financed campaign operation.


  8. JohnH says:

    I nominate Michael Brown to be the next AG. I think he’d do a helluva job, totally in line with the performance we have come to expect from Bush administration appointees. Plus he has experience managing disasters!


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