President Bush to Speak at 5:45 pm


No one knows the subject — but it must be the Gonzales affair — unless perhaps they have captured bin Laden or al-Zawahiri?
The White House offer for Rove and Miers to testify in the GonzoGate matter may be for commentary NOT under oath, which is not such a great deal. Leahy should not accept such an offer.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons


22 comments on “President Bush to Speak at 5:45 pm

  1. Donald says:

    Why aren’t Bush and Gonzales under indictment for abuse of power?
    After all, the provision in the Patriot Act which allows them to appoint US Attorney Generals without obtaining senatorial approval was intended to be used in emergency situations. Instead, Bush and Gonzales (as usual) cynically exploited this provision for their own corrupt political purposes!
    It is time to impeach Bush and the whole lot of traitors in his crime organization. The neo-cons have ruined this country (and that includes Cheney, Rice, Rove, Abrams and the rest.)


  2. David N says:

    Glad to see so many coming on board.
    Now for the rest of the country.
    Remember Bush’s vocabulary includes the following:
    Bipartisan: My way.
    Partisan: The highway.
    Only thus can we understand what he’s talking about.


  3. Neal says:

    Any attempt to hold the Bush administration accountable endangers the security of America. Do you still think there will be an election in 2008?


  4. Pissed Off American says:

    Apparently, Gonzales ALREADY lied to Congress. Remember his testimony during his confirmation hearings about his role in getting Bush recused from jury duty? I don’t understand just what the hell Congress, or the American people, expected from this slimey lying crook. Its no secret he lied during his confirmation hearings. Its no secret he was Bush’s attorney. Did they expect the piece of shit to grow some integrity because they confirmed him into the most powerful legal seat in the land?
    This whole God damned circus gets more surreal by the minute. They give the FBI unprecedented power via the Patriot Act, and they’re SUPRISED that power was abused??? Good God, a passle of cops abused their power, gee, who woulda thunk it? They confirm an apparent liar into the Attorney General’s seat, and they are suprised he lies?
    And while we are on the subject of surreal, Bush would veto any bill that says troops sent to Iraq must be adequately trained, adequately equipped, and adequately rested? Gee, what an unreasonable set of demands, eh?
    And now these two slithering lizards, Miers and Gonzales, are going to testify, BUT NOT UNDER OATH??? I’m tellin’ ya, these people, from Bush on down, belong in a federal prison and if these pathetic cowards in Congress don’t put them there, than our “Democracy” is a lie.


  5. DonS says:

    I just watched a rerun. Lest we miss the forrest for the trees, Bush is so emotionally out of control it is palpable, his physical posture, gestures and voice betraying all. I saw no connection between the puppet emotionally reacting and any rational brain. He is and has always been a joke, a disgrace, a sham, and a bully. The emperor has no clothes. None.


  6. Diane says:

    Hey Steve,
    I know you like Chuck Hagel, and I often do too. So why did he vote against the Feinstein bill today? The vote to amend that part of the Patriot Act that allows the Admin to appoint USA without Senate approval…..why did Hagel vote against this??? I see I’m not the only one asking about this, I’m not trying to put you on the spot, I usually like Hagel so I don’t get this vote.


  7. ... says:

    JL quote >>Steve, The real news of the day should be that Bush can still use the news media for his advantage.<< the real news for a long time has been – the bush agenda and the media agenda are much the same… the media has an agenda is unwilling to be neutral- it has taken sides with bush for a long time now.. anyone who works in the media and doesn’t goose step accordingly will be ostracized.. washington post is a good case in point. they had a reputation which they have successfully ruined over the last 5 years.


  8. Jim says:

    Yo Steve: Did you notice your independent principled hero Hagel was one of two Senators to vote to maintain the lack of congressional oversight on US Atty appointments today? That halo looking at all tarnished to you yet?


  9. Marcia says:

    “Bush better watch-out because even Republicans might dare to call his bluff one of these days. Then what would Bush do without his “Brain” Rove?”
    The Dems might do well to watch-out as well. If Republicans call Bush’s bluff Dems might be left standing at the bus stop in line behind Clinton, Emanuel and Lieberman screaming that someone stole their issues.


  10. M says:

    Bush should have been a cowboy instead of president. One only has to see what his cowboy tactics and drunkardly swagger have done to our Republic and to the people of Iraq too. Neither country has a government which protects its’ own people.
    Bush better watch-out because even Republicans might dare to call his bluff one of these days. Then what would Bush do without his “Brain” Rove?
    In the meantime, I hope this Congress subpeonas Rove, Miers and Gonzales. If they are found to have lied in US Attorney-gate then shouldn’t they be charged with contempt before Congress?
    Congress ought to show Bush that our nation doesn’t want a king.


  11. Marcia says:

    The Dems should not send those subpoenas by carrier pidgeon. Schumer is in the mix so any compromission is possible. He is already talking about “conversations.” Anything to keep the doors closed.
    The emails, probably intended to impress by the number, and so conveniently dumped are a smoke screen. It seems that Gonzales does not use email and that Rove uses an outside connection so by dropping confetti they are playing for time.
    Leahy, Conyers and Waxman are the only ones with any backbone.
    On Iraq the Dems are ready to do anything to avoid having a vote on record so have stripped their motion down to jello. What a great day for Pelosi.


  12. Carroll says:

    Hummm..Bush’s speech seemed to be a “bring it on” to congress…even if he did have trouble reading it at times. He seems to have no trouble though in his speaking when he gets to the bellicose parts where he threatens people.
    Interesting thing someone pointed out in the emails was Harriet mailing someone at the
    DOJ that “this’ didn’t need to be brought to the boss’s “attention”. I assume she meant Bush. Do you suppose Bush has a glimmer of half the things that go on in his adm? I know you can have vocabulary and speech issues and still not be stupid, but I have never felt Bush was even middling bright or interested in his actual job as President.
    Maybe “slacker’ is the best description of Bush.


  13. John says:

    ‘Karl and Harriet can testify so long as they can lie.
    I can do whatever I want because I am president.
    Congress better not mess with me or else…’


  14. Renee says:

    We can only hope that Senator Leahy and other patriotic congress-persons reject in no uncertain terms the White House’s laughable terms for “letting” [sic] Rove and Miers testify.
    Remind me why Rove still has security clearance, having committed treason by leaking information (i.e. Valerie Plame’s identity) which has undermined our national security.
    I am listening to Bush now, and he is clearly a liar. Bush does indeed need to be impeached. He’s a crook.


  15. Emily says:

    Apparently, the White House will permit Rove & Miers to testify about this US Attorney purge, on the condition that their testimony is not taken under oath and it is not made public and that no transcript can be taken!
    What is the matter with the American people, that they do not see the contempt with which they are held by this Mad King George, this arrogant & stupid little dictator?
    What does Bush have to do before Congress gets the back-bone to impeach this criminal Bush?
    What will it take before this nation recognizes that Bush & Co. thumb-their-noses at the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights?
    — Does anyone really think that Bush’s latest ploy to protect his criminal consiglieres Gonzales & Rove from prosecution by such insane demands, isn’t designed simply to permit them to LIE WITH IMPUNITY???


  16. JL says:

    Steve, The real news of the day should be that Bush can still use the news media for his advantage. The first line will be that the Dems are on a witch hunt. Of course the news should be about the documents and the e-mails they refuse to release.


  17. Punchy says:

    Mr. Clemons, what’s being reported is much worse than “not under oath”. Apparently, there can be NO transcript of the conversation taken.
    So, not only can they lie, they can lie with no one writing anything about their lies down on paper or tape. And of course, when shown to be liars, they’d just say “prove I ever said that”.
    I just cannot fathom the arrogance of this White House to so f#ck the legislative branch as if they hold no powers and no moxie. Isn’t this the equivalent to a child giving his parents the middle finger? Who accepts this shit?


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