Bush Says Rove and Miers Can Testify in Attorney Firing Hearings


White House Counsel Fred Fielding has just released a letter (pdf here) to Senators Leahy and Specter, and Congresspersons Conyers, Smith and Sanchez.
In it, he writes:

In response to the invitations extended by the Committees, I am prepared to agree to make available for interviews the President’s former Counsel; current Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor; Deputy Counsel; and a Special Assistant to the Office of Political Affairs.

Pat Leahy has the White House squirming.
— Steve Clemons
Update: It is unclear whether Rove and Miers “interviews” would be allowed by White House Counsel Fred Fielding to be given under oath.


4 comments on “Bush Says Rove and Miers Can Testify in Attorney Firing Hearings

  1. Jerome Gaskins says:

    Screw him and screw the Idiot!
    It’s all gonna be on the record.


  2. steambomb says:

    It is not testimony if they are not sworn in. What Fielding is looking for is a bullshit session.


  3. Marcia says:

    The only grotesque thing the WH has not yet proposed it to have Rove and Co. interrogated by Lieberman.


  4. blatherskite says:

    From MSNBC, via DailyKos:
    “Fred Fielding, he’s the White House counsel, he was just here in the House of Representatives meeting with the House Judiciary Committee. He made the following offer to the Congress, both House and Senate…he said Rove and Harriet Mier would be offered to the Committees for their testimony in the Alberto Gonzales and federal prosecutors scandal. However, he said it would be unsworn testimony, not under oath, behind closed doors and no trancript would be permitted. ”
    Why the only reason they would want such secrecy and no paper trail is.. they did norhing wrong!


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