John Bolton on The Daily Show Tonight


One of Steve’s and my partners in crime on the Bolton campaign has informed us that former Ambassador Bolton will be on The Daily Show tonight at 11. Should be entertaining.
Interesting to note: Bolton and Jon Stewart have an interesting point of agreement: they both think France doesn’t matter. Bolton has repeatedly faulted the Bush administration for channeling its entire foreign policy through the Security Council, which is code for overvaluing input from the Permanent 5 and the legitimacy of the U.N. in general. Stewart, for his part, says France is “unworthy of a boycott” by Fox News, since France isn’t all that important. I make the comparison tongue-in-cheek, but it’s exactly the kind of material The Daily Show writers love.
The damage Bolton has done to U.S. influence and the U.S.-U.N. relationship is no laughing matter, of course, but I’m looking forward to seeing the banter between Bolton and Stewart nonetheless.
— Scott Paul


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