Ashcroft’s Role in Sirius/XM vs Broadcasters Battle: Working for the Side Who Will Pay the Most?



I once worked with a person — who will remain unnamed — who said that in the work my institution was focused on and that was primarily supported by two sides of an industry group at war with each other that we should pick the side that gives us the most financial support (i.e., dough)….

A Troubling Yet Hopeful Note on Afghanistan from USAF Colonel Edward Westermann



I just acquired an interesting letter sent to a number of military officials and academics around the country by Air Force Col. Edward Westermann who has been working in Afghanistan and who now teaches at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

Lincoln Chafee Comments on America’s Legitimacy Deficit in the Iraq War



Lincoln Chafee used to shoe horses — literally. I never knew the term, farrier, until I walked into the then Rhode Island Senator’s office one day and saw a framed assortment of farrier licenses with the thin, scraggly-looking, long-haired picture of the would-be Senator Chafee on each.