I Want to Offer Tom DeLay a <em>TWN</em> Fellowship



I’ve got no inside track on DeLay, but I imagine that whatever prosecutors were wringing out of his line of former top aides who are pleading guilty one after another to fraud and corruption charges had something to do with DeLay’s announcement yesterday.

Koizumi’s “Liberal” Problem


One probably has to be addicted to the soap opera that is Japanese politics to get the laugh I did out of the news that Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party wants to drop “Liberal” from its English-language name.

Leopold Reports that Fitzgerald Close to Securing Indictment Against Rove



I have not been able to confirm a key point in this methodical and carefully ordered account by Jason Leopold of Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigation of the Valerie Plame Wilson leak that states that the government investigator “is now preparing the paperwork to present a grand jury outlining the charges against Rove in hopes of securing…

31 January 2003: An Important Day in the Life of Bush and Blair



This won’t read like Faulkner, but I think it’s important to compare three passages written by serious analysts documenting the pathway and decision-making chronology leading up to the Iraq War. Journalist Bob Woodward, former British Ambassador to the U.S.