Appetite for Nukes: Thoughts on Turkmenistan a Decade Ago and the Nuclear Club Today



When I moved to Washington in the fall of 1994, I got to know the then Ambassador from Turkmenistan to the United States. Turkmenistan had been part of the former Soviet Union, and after it became its own country and set up its Embassy in Washington, few paid much attention to Turkmenistan or its Ambassador….

Note to Congress on the Indispensable Foreign Student



Michael Lind and I have an article in the New York Times this morning challenging Senator Dianne Feinstein’s and the U.S. Congress’s tilt on immigration policies, particularly her wrong-headed position in creating yet a higher hurdle than already exists for foreign students entering the United States.

BIG BUSH NEWS: Does the President Plan to Fire Himself?



I was writing a post on Cynthia McKinney’s theatrics, but the news has been gushing in that President Bush authorized the “leaking” of secret information to the media. From my quick review, the most authoritative and I think the first writer to break the news was Joshua Gerstein at the New York Sun.