Tuesday Morning Musings: A New Kind of Open Thread


(American flag flying at La Marcha in Washington, DC; photo credit: Alexander Steffler)
I’m still trying to get my head around the concept of an “Open Thread” which some who comment on this blog have encouraged me to provide on occasion. My guess is that it’s just a time when folks can offer comments without design or link to whatever I may have posted on the blog.
But my style of “Open Thread” will run a bit differently. There are moments when I want to just post a couple of quick items. Folks can react or comment on whatever else they like. I am working on a couple of big stories that require quite a bit of phone time, and that makes high-quality analysis and commentary hard to do.
There’s big news ahead on John Bolton — but will save that for later.
On other fronts, this story was sweeping through the net that George Bush may be tempted by some people close to him to release Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. I called a pal in the White House who is in some of the circles where this might get discussed but who is not a total insider. My pal said this article was “delusional.”
I tend to agree. I don’t think Jonathan Pollard has any hope of being released in this climate.
Next on the agenda…. The Immigration Marches, or La Marcha as I’ve been counseled to call them. I don’t have much comment on the marches themselves other than that they were impressively big and that Tucker Carlson showed up.
(photo credit: Alexander Steffler)
Don’t know if this says anything of his views on immigration policy but have to admit it’s impressive that Carlson is out meeting people and talking to them directly no matter what his position.
Lastly, though the words in the op-ed are the same, my New York Times piece co-written with Michael Lind ran today in the International Herald Tribune.
More musings — and serious stuff — later.
— Steve Clemons