The Doha Round is Dead. . .Rob Portman Going to OMB



Others, including House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Bill Thomas, have said Doha was dead over and over, but today I believe it. U.S. Trade representative and former Ohio Congressman Rob Portman will move over to take Joshua Bolten’s position as Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Someone is Making a Kissinger Move: Iran is Trying to Talk to America



When Henry Kissinger was making his way into China to negotiate China’s coming out details, all sorts of subterfuge was deployed to disguise Kissinger’s travel. The press was told that he was seriously knocked out with intestinal disorders while he was secreted out for a quick trip to Beijing.

Harold Ford Needs to Stop Shot-Gunning and Start Sharp-Shooting



Congressman and Senate candidate Harold Ford, Jr. (D-TN-9) has just appealed to Republican Congressmen to join him in calling for Colin Powell to replace Don Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense. I like Harold Ford a lot — but he’s veering into reckless theatrics with some of his latest positions.

And the Pulitzer Prize Goes to. . .(Not Fred Hiatt). . .



Dana Priest of the Washington Post for beat reporting — mostly for her coverage of intelligence matters and for the scoop on the secret CIA detention facilities; James Risen and Eric Lichtblau of the New York Times for national reporting — and they, of course, broke the story on warrantless wiretaps. . .

Note to George Bush: A Golf Course Pond is NOT Countable as a Wetland



Just when you thought it really, really couldn’t get any worse, news has hit the stands that the White House is counting artificially created golf ponds as wetlands. Apparently, Interior Secretary Gale Norton has stated that America has stopped losing wetlands.

What About the Generals <em>Above</em> the Revolt and Below Rumsfeld?



Retired Marine Lt. General Michael DeLong published a significant retort to the growing league of generals calling for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to resign. The piece titled “A General Misunderstanding” ran in the New York Times over the weekend as well as the International Herald Tribune today. DeLong writes: As the No.