And the Pulitzer Prize Goes to. . .(Not Fred Hiatt). . .


Dana Priest of the Washington Post for beat reporting — mostly for her coverage of intelligence matters and for the scoop on the secret CIA detention facilities;
James Risen and Eric Lichtblau of the New York Times for national reporting — and they, of course, broke the story on warrantless wiretaps. . .but read the Iran chapter in Risen’s book, State of War. That chapter alone deserves its own Pulitzer; and
Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times for Commentary,
Check the list here for others.
It’s great that Rick Attig and Doug Bates of The Oregonian won best editorial writing — but one must wonder how the Wasington Post‘s Fred Hiatt and his “A Good Leak” will fare against the New York Times‘ “A Bad Leak” next year.
Congrats to Dana Priest, Jim Risen, and Nick Kristof whom I have the pleasure of seeing around town.
— Steve Clemons


3 comments on “And the Pulitzer Prize Goes to. . .(Not Fred Hiatt). . .

  1. Steve Clemons says:

    Thanks Jim — I didn’t know that and just fixed it.
    Steve Clemons


  2. Jim says:

    The link for “check the list here for others” takes us to Harlan Ullman’s bio — did you intend that?


  3. Amy says:

    I know, slighlty off topic.
    Have you read the new de Borchgrave article on Afghanistan and the Middle East?
    I know you work with Bergen, so I wondered if this rings true with what you have heard.
    It does make you wonder how much longer we can keep on this course.


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