Leopold Reports that Fitzgerald Close to Securing Indictment Against Rove


I have not been able to confirm a key point in this methodical and carefully ordered account by Jason Leopold of Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigation of the Valerie Plame Wilson leak that states that the government investigator “is now preparing the paperwork to present a grand jury outlining the charges against Rove in hopes of securing an indictment.”
TWN has previously reported that it was able to confirm the essential elements of a story that ran on March 27th that Rove had been actively cooperating with the Fitzgerald investigation and had helped the investigation acquire many previously unaccessed email communications from the Vice President’s office.
One wonders how much leverage Rove was able to get in his case with Fitzgerald through his energetic cooperation, but Leopold’s sources seem to be indicating that Rove is in Fitzgerald’s sights again.
If I learn more, I’ll be back with it but wanted people to know that this investigation continues to perk.

— Steve Clemons