McCain Supports Bolton but Wants White House to Make Documents Available



Either the White House will have to concede on the principle that the Senate can ask for whatever documents it wants, other than those protected by Executive Privilege or John Bolton’s nomination will languish indefinitely. John McCain joined the chorus of those opposed to the White House position — though still expressing support for Bolton….

Senator Landrieu. . .Will be a NO Vote on Bolton



This just in from Senator Landrieu‘s office: Sen. Landrieu Statement on the Nomination of John Bolton WASHINGTON — The following is a statement by U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, D-La., regarding the nomination of John Bolton as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations: Sen.

Feinstein Makes Good Call in Opposing Bolton



Senator Feinstein offered an excellent floor statement opposing John Bolton yesterday — and voted against cloture on Bolton, which to many of us working this was a much needed and much appreciated surprise. Everyone should thank her — and frankly, everyone should thank Sentor Lieberman.

NPR Segment: Bolton Vote Tied to White House Release of Documents



At least some parts of the media are getting the story right. Here is an NPR segment that properly states that the Dems favor a vote on Bolton, which I now think we can win, if the White House yields on the evidence requests made previously.

Another Twist in the Road: Bolton Nomination Only Possible if White House Concedes on Evidence Requests



While the Senate and White House do battle over whether the administration can defy evidence requests by the Senate, those opposed to John Bolton’s nomination can work to remind Senators uncomfortable with but still supporting him why this nominee must be withdrawn.

Sweet Irony? Senators Now Want Administration to Yield to Them on BRAC Info? Bolton Vote Today Could Haunt Them. . .



If Senators fail to defend the rights of their Chamber of Congress vis-a-vis the White House this evening, then they will have spotty luck in getting other “evidence requests” filled by the administration. This story by Lolita C.