The Bolton Story Told Through Emoticons Based on Readings from <em>The Washington Note</em>



I have linked this great piece of Boltonesque art previously — but I feel like doing it again this morning. I hope one of my regular readers in the White House will share this with Vice President Cheney this morning. Here is the link.

VP Cheney Needs a Mathematics Refresher Course



Vice President Cheney used his time on CNN’s Larry King Live this weekend to do some Bolton cheerleading, asserting that John Bolton would be confirmed. I have several comments on Vice President Cheney’s regular expressions of “confidence” in Mr. Bolton.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer Readers Agree with <em>TWN</em> on Bolton Documents Filibuster



Well, it’s early in the day — and there is always the chance that trolls will distort the poll (at bottom of page) that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is running, but at this point — it is not distorted. The paper asks: Are nominations as U.N.

How Far Should Senators Go on Bolton Documents Filibuster?



The Seattle Post-Intelligencer ran a thoughtful editorial today titled “United Nations: Divulge Bolton Dossier” that I agreed with until I got to the very end. Here is an excerpt with which TWN concurs: The Bush administration has been excessively secretive with Congress and the public.

Senator Collins Should Be Able To Request Decision-Making Documents Just As Senators Deserve to See Bolton Documents



Senator Lieberman voted correctly — against cloture — on Thursday and Senator Collins did not. She underestimated the slippery slope of undermining principle and the Senate’s position vis-a-vis the White House.