Senator Richard Lugar Silent on the NSA Intercepts



Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Richard Lugar must be steaming about the fact that the administration stiffed him on the Bolton-related NSA intercepts as well as that John Negroponte has reported to the Ranking Member of the SFRC that if the Committee wants anything more on the NSA intercepts, it will have to go through…

Lincoln as the Great Democrat: Michael Lind’s New Book Reviewed in <em>NY Times</em>



Scott Malcomson has given Michael Lind’s new book, What Lincoln Believed: The Values and Convictions of America’s Greatest President a terrific review. Whereas Malcomson picks up on the important point in Lind’s book that in the time of Lincoln, democracy as model of government was disappearing from rather than proliferating through the world.

Negroponte May be Using Bolton to Settle Old Scores with Biden and Dodd



Most people consider John Negroponte to be an astute inside the beltway player, but he may be harming his record by holding up NSA intercepts and other information from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as “payback” for the tough time some of the senators gave his nomination.

What Did John Bolton Do with the NSA Intercept Information? Did He Violate National Security Laws?



We know little about the controversial NSA intercept materials (and roster of redacted names of U.S. officials mentioned in the transcripts) which were requested and reviewed by John Bolton. What we do know through sources is that the bulk of the material dealt with incidents in 2003 and 2004.

Negroponte “Flips Off” the Senate on Bolton Material



Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Richard Lugar and Ranking Member Joseph Biden both sought from the administration the names, contextual information, and, if possible, the unedited actual intercept material that John Bolton reviewed during his tenure as Under Secretary of State for International Security and Arms Control.

Tales of Two Filibusters: The Judges & John Bolton



The Battle over Bolton lurks just behind the showdown between Republicans and Democrats on the slate of contested judicial appointments. The major similarity in both cases is that there are some Republicans who oppose changing Senate filibuster rules — and there are Republican Senators who find the Bolton nomination disagreeable and offensive.

Howard Fineman Sees Bolton Getting Ground Up in Battle Over Judges and Filibuster



In the most recent May 23rd edition of Newsweek, Howard Fineman writes in his article, “Ready to Blow”: Still this is the Moderates’ Moment, and for a paradoxical reason. With the rest of the Washington machinery in GOP hands, conservative activists understandably expect results.