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The Voinovich Option: Senators Hear From a Champion of Conscience on the Bolton Vote



George Voinovich is reminding his colleagues to remember that their sacred contract is with the citizens of their states in this nation — and not with a political party boss or some party machine — when it comes to the manner in which American diplomacy and international conduct are managed.

14 Senators: The Text of the Judges Deal



Here is the actual text of the “deal” between 7 Republican and 7 Democratic Senators: MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING ON JUDICIAL NOMINATIONS We respect the diligent, conscientious efforts, to date, rendered to the Senate by Majority Leader Frist and Democratic Leader Ried, This memorandum confirms an understanding among the signatories, based upon mutual trust and confidence,…

Reid: We Sent Dick Cheney and the Radical Arm of the Republican Base a Message. . .



This is an excerpt from the public statement issued last night be Senator Harry Reid in the wake of the filibuster deal: We have sent President George Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and the radical arm of the Republican base an undeniable message: Abuse of power will not be tolerated, and attempts to trample the…

Filibuster Showdown Averted. Bolton Nomination Back in Uncertain Territory



Surprisingly, the filibuster showdown over President Bush’s judicial nominations has been averted. This throws the Bolton battle into new territory — and TWN does not yet have a fix on how conciliatory both sides want to be in choking down a nominee to the U.N. that seems such a mismatch for the job.