How the Votes Stack Up: 41 Needed. . .


We are waiting for the votes in the Senate requesting cloture on the matter of John Bolton’s confirmation to serve as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.
Democrats and some Republicans are voting against cloture — not on the matter of Bolton but on the principle that the administration has not complied with Senate evidence requests about John Bolton’s record.
The White House and Bill Frist need 60 votes to get cloture. If the Bolton proponents do get cloture, then there will be a second vote on Bolton’s nomination right away.
If they fail to get cloture, then this process will extend until after the Memorial Day recess.
Grouped By Vote Position YEAs — 56
Alexander (R-TN); Allard (R-CO); Allen (R-VA);
Bennett (R-UT); Bond (R-MO); Brownback (R-KS);
Bunning (R-KY); Burns (R-MT); Burr (R-NC);
Chafee (R-RI); Chambliss (R-GA); Coburn (R-OK);
Cochran (R-MS); Coleman (R-MN); Collins (R-ME);
Cornyn (R-TX); Craig (R-ID); Crapo (R-ID);
DeMint (R-SC); DeWine (R-OH); Dole (R-NC);
Domenici (R-NM); Ensign (R-NV); Enzi (R-WY);
Graham (R-SC); Grassley (R-IA); Gregg (R-NH);
Hagel (R-NE); Hatch (R-UT); Hutchison (R-TX),
Inhofe (R-OK); Isakson (R-GA); Kyl (R-AZ);
Landrieu (D-LA); Lott (R-MS); Lugar (R-IN); Martinez (R-FL); McCain (R-AZ); McConnell (R-KY);
Murkowski (R-AK); Nelson (D-NE); Pryor (D-AR);
Roberts (R-KS); Santorum (R-PA); Sessions (R-AL);
Shelby (R-AL); Smith (R-OR); Snowe (R-ME);
Stevens (R-AK); Sununu (R-NH); Talent (R-MO);
Thomas (R-WY); Thune (R-SD); Vitter (R-LA);
Voinovich (R-OH); Warner (R-VA)
NAYs — 42
Akaka (D-HI); Baucus (D-MT); Bayh (D-IN);
Biden (D-DE); Bingaman (D-NM); Boxer (D-CA);
Byrd (D-WV); Cantwell (D-WA); Carper (D-DE);
Clinton (D-NY); Conrad (D-ND); Corzine (D-NJ);
Dayton (D-MN); Dodd (D-CT); Dorgan (D-ND);
Durbin (D-IL); Feingold (D-WI); Feinstein (D-CA);
Frist (R-TN); Harkin (D-IA); Jeffords (I-VT);
Johnson (D-SD); Kennedy (D-MA); Kerry (D-MA);
Kohl (D-WI); Lautenberg (D-NJ); Leahy (D-VT);
Levin (D-MI); Lieberman (D-CT); Lincoln (D-AR);
Mikulski (D-MD); Murray (D-WA); Nelson (D-FL);
Obama (D-IL); Reed (D-RI); Reid (D-NV);
Rockefeller (D-WV); Salazar (D-CO); Sarbanes (D-MD); Schumer (D-NY); Stabenow (D-MI);
Wyden (D-OR)
Not Voting – 2
Inouye (D-HI)
Specter (R-PA)
— Steve Clemons