I Am So Dizzy: We Won Another Battle


Defectors were Landrieu, Ben Nelson, and Mark Pryor.
More — lots more — on them later.
Senators Lieberman and Feinstein — THANK YOU.
Senators Biden, Boxer, Sarbanes, Rockefeller, Dodd, Obama, Levin, and many others — THANK YOU TOO.
Senator Voinovich, you continue to be ferociously independent — and though you voted for cloture, your leadership otherwise is appreciated.
The “issue here” is the Constitutional responsibilities of the Senate to provided advise and consent on Executive branch nominations.
More later. . .I need a drink.
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This is a victory…another one.
The media has been CONSTANTLY WRONG.
Ok…I am going for a drink. There is still room for faith in American democracy, the rights of the minority, and standing by principle.
John Bolton is NOT someone America can be proud of at the U.N. He is not someone of the sort of impeccable credentials, standing, and vision that we should be making our Ambassador in the convocation of nations in Turtle Bay on Manhattan.
More later….much, much, much more.
Thanks to all of you who have been supporting and helping this process.
— Steve Clemons